New Feature Turns Artifact Into A Web Discovery Engine: Introducing Links


Artifact, the personalized news aggregator developed by Instagram’s co-founders, is set to revolutionize the way users interact with news. The app, which has gained popularity for tracking, summarizing, and commenting on news, is now introducing a new feature called Links. By allowing users to share any link from the web, Artifact aims to provide a personalized feed of links based on individual interests, putting it in direct competition with social media platforms like X or Threads.

Key Takeaway

The new Links feature on Artifact transforms the app into a web discovery engine, allowing users to share and explore personalized feeds of links. With creative tools, including image editing and caption writing assistance, users can turn their news reading experience into an active participation in news discovery. The feature also enhances social networking capabilities by enabling users to search and follow other creators on the platform.

The Links feature is a testament to Artifact’s advanced AI technology. With a simple URL, users can access a visual feed within the app’s new Links tab. The “For You” feed presents other relevant links based on user preferences, encouraging a tailored news experience.

But Links is not just about sharing links. Users also have the option to write captions, add photos, and even curate interesting images to create engaging and shareable posts. This feature positions users as creators, enabling them to build a following on Artifact. In fact, the app will display posted links to relevant users, bolstering the creator’s visibility and attracting an audience.

Artifact’s Links feature extends its functionality beyond traditional news reading and delves into social media territory. By offering the ability to follow and interact with other users through social profiles, the app creates a more interactive and engaging experience for its users.

To ensure the quality and integrity of the content shared on the platform, Artifact employs a two-layered approach for moderation. AI technology powered by third-party services scans for inappropriate content based on community guidelines. Furthermore, the Artifact team actively monitors and reviews content to maintain a high standard of accuracy and legitimacy.

Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Artifact and Instagram, speaks to the app’s mission of fostering curiosity and discovery. While mainstream publications are supported, Systrom believes that smaller blogs and lesser-known sources also deserve recognition, as they may provide valuable content that enriches users’ curiosity for knowledge.

The Links feature is currently available on both iOS and Android platforms, with Android users soon gaining the ability to post content. By introducing Links, Artifact is on its way to becoming a go-to hub for news discovery, blurring the line between news aggregator and social platform.

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