Wicked Saints Revolutionizes Activism With Mobile Game World Reborn


Wicked Saints, the brainchild of Jess Murrey and Alicia Clifton, is set to revolutionize activism among young activists with their upcoming mobile game, World Reborn. This innovative game aims to tackle pressing global issues such as the environment, equality, and mental health while providing an entertaining and engaging experience for players. By combining storytelling, augmented reality, and real-life actions, Wicked Saints hopes to activate and empower the younger generation to make a difference in the world.

Key Takeaway

Wicked Saints aims to empower young activists through their mobile game, World Reborn. By combining storytelling, augmented reality, and real-life actions, the game provides players with an entertaining and educational experience. With a focus on creating a community and fostering real-world change, Wicked Saints is set to revolutionize activism for the younger generation.

Connecting and Training Activists in a Digital Age

Recognizing the limitations of traditional training sessions for young activists, Murrey and Clifton turned to technology to scale their impact. Through World Reborn, they aim to bridge the gap between training sessions by providing a continuous connection with the players. This allows for ongoing training and development, ensuring that the skills and knowledge imparted during the sessions are reinforced over time. By creating a community within the game, Wicked Saints can nurture a network of like-minded individuals committed to effecting positive change.

An Interactive Journey Towards Real-World Change

In World Reborn, players embark on an interactive story-driven adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world. As they navigate through the game, players make choices that consume in-game energy. To replenish this energy, they must perform real-life actions such as leaving encouraging notes for friends or participating in community clean-up efforts. By encouraging players to take these small, actionable steps, Wicked Saints aims to equip them with the skills and confidence needed to make a tangible impact in the real world.

Pioneering Diversity in the Gaming Industry

Wicked Saints is making waves not only for its unique approach to activism but also for its commitment to fostering diversity within the gaming industry. As the first company to emerge from Niantic’s Black Developers Initiative, they are breaking barriers and creating opportunities for underrepresented game creators. Despite facing challenges in securing funding due to industry biases, Wicked Saints raised $3.5 million in a recent seed round led by Riot Games and Oregon Venture Fund. This funding will enable them to further develop and launch World Reborn.

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