Ring’s New Pet Tag Accessory Helps Reunite Lost Pets With Their Owners


Ring, the Amazon-owned company, has unveiled its latest innovation to aid pet owners in locating their lost pets – the Pet Tag accessory. This new accessory features a QR code that can be attached to your pet’s collar, allowing anyone who finds your pet to easily scan the code and initiate the process of reuniting them with their owners.

Key Takeaway

Ring’s new Pet Tag accessory presents a convenient solution for pet owners to reunite with their lost pets. The QR code on the tag enables easy scanning and notification, allowing for quick communication between the person who finds the pet and the owner. The Pet Tag also offers increased privacy by shielding personal information and provides a platform for pet owners to include vital health details about their pets.

How Does It Work?

When the QR code on the Pet Tag is scanned, the pet owner is immediately notified that their pet’s tag has been scanned. This prompts the owner to access their Pet Profile, where they have the option to include important information about their pet, such as any health conditions or specific needs. This enables whoever finds the lost pet to better understand and address its immediate requirements.

If the pet owner has opted in to the “Contact Me” feature, the person who finds the pet can engage in two-way communication with the owner, facilitating a seamless return process.

Privacy and Additional Information

While the Pet Tag does not feature GPS capabilities, it serves as a replacement for traditional pet collars that display personal information. By using the Pet Tag, pet owners can shield their personal information, such as contact numbers, from being publicly visible. Additionally, the Pet Tag allows pet owners to provide additional information that may not fit on a standard pet collar, such as any specific health conditions their pet may have.

Availability and Pricing

The Pet Tag accessory can be preordered for $9.99 in the United States starting today on and Shipping to customers will commence on October 4.

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