Bumble’s New AI Tool Identifies And Blocks Scam Accounts, Fake Profiles


Bumble, the popular dating app, has unveiled a new AI-powered feature known as Deception Detector. This innovative tool is designed to identify and block spam, scam, and fake profiles, ultimately enhancing user safety and security.

Key Takeaway

Bumble’s introduction of the Deception Detector, an AI-powered tool to identify and block scam accounts and fake profiles, underscores the platform’s commitment to enhancing user safety and fostering genuine connections.

Enhanced Safety Measures

Through rigorous testing, Bumble found that the Deception Detector was able to automatically block a staggering 95% of accounts identified as spam or scam. This proactive approach resulted in a 45% reduction in user reports of spam, scam, and fake accounts within the first two months of testing. The tool operates in conjunction with Bumble’s human moderation team, further bolstering the platform’s safety measures.

User Concerns Addressed

Internal research conducted by Bumble revealed that fake profiles and the risk of scams are top concerns for users engaging in online dating. The company’s CEO, Lidiane Jones, emphasized the significance of trust in the AI era, particularly in the context of women’s experiences online. The introduction of the Deception Detector aligns with Bumble’s commitment to fostering genuine connections and ensuring a secure environment for its community.

Industry Insights

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reported a staggering $1.3 billion in losses due to romance scams in 2022, with a median reported loss of $4,400. While dating apps are often utilized by romance scammers, the FTC highlighted that social media platforms, particularly direct messages (DMs), are also common avenues for targeting individuals. Notably, 40% of victims reported that the initial contact occurred on social media, while 19% cited a website or app as the starting point.

Continued Innovation

Deception Detector is the latest addition to Bumble’s suite of AI-powered safety features. In 2019, the platform introduced the “Private Detector” to automatically blur and label nude images in chats, offering users greater control over their interactions. Moreover, Bumble’s dedicated app for finding friends, Bumble For Friends, has also integrated AI, recently launching AI-powered icebreaker suggestions to facilitate engaging conversations.

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