Bluesky Unveils Custom Super Bowl Feeds With And Without Taylor Swift


Twitter alternative Bluesky is gearing up for one of the biggest weekends in social media with the launch of custom feeds prepped for Super Bowl fans. One feed focuses on conversations around the big game itself while the other also includes news about Taylor Swift, who’s expected to attend to cheer on her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Key Takeaway

Bluesky’s introduction of custom feeds for the Super Bowl exemplifies its dedication to algorithmic choice and personalized social media experiences.

Bluesky’s Support for Algorithmic Choice

Bluesky, a decentralized version of Twitter, is showcasing its support for algorithmic choice through the introduction of custom feeds. Unlike other social networks, Bluesky allows users to create a wide variety of custom feeds to curate unique views into its public content. These feeds can be built by the Bluesky team, community members, or even developers using tools like Bluesky Feed Creator and Skyfeed.

Demonstrating Custom Feeds with Super Bowl Variations

Bluesky has chosen to demonstrate the power of its custom feeds capabilities with two variations tailored for the Super Bowl. The first feed, “Super Bowl LVIII,” is designed to help football fans connect on the platform. The second feed, “SB (Taylor’s Version),” includes chatter about Taylor Swift alongside the game-related conversation. This move reflects Bluesky’s commitment to providing users with personalized content based on their interests.

Personalizing Social Media Experience

Bluesky allows users to pin their preferred feeds to their home page for easy access, making each user’s version of the platform unique. The available custom feeds range from topical feeds, such as the new Super Bowl feeds, to those offering different views of the network, like feeds featuring posts from “Mutuals,” “Popular with Friends,” or “Quiet Posters.”

Bluesky’s Growing User Base

Despite not being widely known for its sports community, Bluesky has garnered attention after opening to the public. Within a short period, it has attracted over 1.3 million new users, bringing its total user base to over 4.5 million. This growth indicates a promising start for the new network.

Future of Custom Feeds

While the long-term appeal of custom feeds remains to be seen, Bluesky’s entry into the public domain presents a new challenge for CEO Jay Graber. As the platform gains traction, it aims to provide users with innovative tools for managing their networks, potentially reshaping real-time sports commentary and fan interactions.

Bluesky is now open for anyone to join.

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