New Release: Bluesky Enhances Security With Email Verification And Link Flagging


In a bid to bolster safety and security on its microblogging platform, X competitor Bluesky has unveiled its latest release, version 1.52. This update brings forth several significant changes, including the introduction of email verification and a new feature that flags misleading links.

Key Takeaway

Bluesky’s latest release, version 1.52, focuses on strengthening account security and authentication on its microblogging platform. Email verification has been introduced, allowing users to change and verify their email addresses, while the app now flags misleading links in posts to ensure users are aware of potential risks.

Email Verification and Improved Account Security

Bluesky’s version 1.52 focuses on enhancing account security and authentication on the platform. Users will now have the ability to change and verify their email addresses, adding an extra layer of protection. To implement this, Bluesky will prompt users within the app to verify their email addresses. Furthermore, the update allows users who have lost access to their email accounts or made typographical errors during sign-up to update their email addresses in the app’s Settings. Once verification is complete, users will need a confirmation code from their verified email address to make additional changes to their accounts.

Flagging Misleading Links

Another crucial feature introduced in this release is the ability to flag misleading links. Bluesky’s app will now analyze the links shared in users’ posts and compare them to the accompanying text. If there is a mismatch, the app will display a “possibly misleading” warning to alert users that the link may redirect them to unintended destinations. This serves as a protective measure to safeguard users from potential harm or deception.

Additional Improvements

Alongside these security enhancements, Bluesky version 1.52 brings forth several other improvements. The app now prioritizes user suggestions based on people you follow when using features like search and suggestions. Mobile users will also enjoy the convenience of swapping between accounts by simply long-pressing their profile picture in the footer. Android users will benefit from an upgraded image viewer, making panning and zooming easier, and the web version now allows users to select alt text when viewing images. The update also includes various bug fixes and other minor enhancements.

Bluesky’s Rise to Prominence

Despite currently being invite-only, Bluesky has gained significant traction as a competitor to popular platforms like Twitter and X. Originating as a Twitter-incubated project, Bluesky recently surpassed one million registered users, indicating its growing popularity. However, it still lags behind Mastodon’s 1.8 million monthly active users and Threads’ 100 million-plus registered users. Bluesky secured its first seed funding of $8 million earlier this summer and plans to monetize the service through custom domains. The exact timeline for opening the network to the public remains uncertain as consumer demand continues to exceed available access.

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