Bluesky CEO Promotes Custom Feeds And User Choice Amid Meta’s Political Content Deprioritization


Meta’s recent decision to deprioritize political content on Instagram and Threads has sparked a wave of controversy. However, this move has created an opportunity for Bluesky, a startup that offers a unique approach to social media. In a recent interview, Bluesky’s CEO, Jay Graber, emphasized the importance of user choice and algorithmic transparency in contrast to Meta’s centralized algorithmic control.

Key Takeaway

Bluesky’s CEO, Jay Graber, advocates for algorithmic transparency and user choice in response to Meta’s decision to deprioritize political content. The platform’s decentralized approach and focus on user customization offer a compelling alternative to centralized social media platforms.

Bluesky’s Algorithmic Choice

Graber highlighted the significance of allowing users to have control over their social media experience. Bluesky’s app enables users to curate their feeds based on their preferences, offering the option to engage with politically-themed custom feeds and trending topics or filter out politics entirely. This level of customization sets Bluesky apart from centralized platforms like Meta-operated Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, providing users with the freedom to tailor their social media experience.

Decentralized Approach

Bluesky’s decentralized social networking service, powered by the AT Protocol, offers an alternative to the centralized model adopted by Meta and other platforms. This decentralized approach aligns with the ethos of open-source platforms like Mastodon, but with a focus on usability and customization. Despite its recent public launch, Bluesky has already garnered a user base of nearly 5 million and is set to enable federation, further expanding its reach.

Customization and User Experience

Bluesky’s emphasis on user customization extends beyond social feeds, with the integration of hashtags and custom feeds. The platform’s API allows developers to create tools such as SkyFeed, enabling users to build their own feeds using a graphical interface. This level of customization, combined with the promise of personalized social media, presents a compelling alternative for users seeking a more tailored experience.

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