Bluesky Set To Launch Graysky, Its First Third-party Mobile App


The Twitter alternative, Bluesky, is gearing up to release its first third-party app for mobile users. The app, called Graysky, is now available for pre-order on the App Store and is set to launch on October 21st. It will also be available on Android devices.

Key Takeaway

Bluesky, the Twitter alternative, is launching its first third-party mobile app called Graysky. The app aims to enhance the Bluesky experience by offering additional features such as GIF support, inline translation, and a feeds-first layout. Graysky sets itself apart from Bluesky with its unique user interface and support for custom feeds. The app is now available for pre-order on the App Store and will be launching on October 21st.

Enhancing the Bluesky experience

Graysky aims to improve upon the existing Bluesky platform by offering additional features. Some of the key enhancements include GIF support, inline translation, a feed-based layout, hashtag support, and the ability to view everyone’s likes. These features aim to make Graysky a more appealing option for users looking for an alternative to Twitter.

Building a better Twitter

Graysky was created by London-based software engineer Samuel Newman, who was initially drawn to Bluesky because he believed it offered a better Twitter experience. While building a third-party client as a fun side project, Newman realized that there were several features missing from the Bluesky platform that his app could provide. Early features of Graysky, such as the ability to view your own likes, gained a following as users eagerly awaited Bluesky’s official support for this feature.

Setting itself apart from Bluesky

In addition to offering unique features not present on the Bluesky app, Graysky distinguishes itself with a user-friendly interface. Unlike Bluesky, which lands users on their home timeline or “skyline,” Graysky’s main tab directs users to their set of feeds. This differentiation aims to provide a more personalized and customizable user experience.

Support for custom feeds

One of the notable differences between Bluesky and Twitter is the support for algorithmic choice through custom feeds. Bluesky users can subscribe to custom feeds created by the company or other developers, allowing for a tailored feed experience. Graysky takes this a step further by prioritizing the feed of the user’s choice from its main tab. Additionally, Graysky offers a discovery interface where users can browse and follow other users’ custom feeds.

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