Graysky Introduces Trending Topics And ‘Pro’ Subscription For Bluesky Users


Graysky, the first third-party app for the Twitter/X competitor Bluesky, is making waves with the launch of its subscription service and new features. The app, available on both iOS and Android, is introducing a paid subscription model to offer users access to features not yet supported by Bluesky itself. The new release includes Trending Topics and a range of pro-level features, with more on the way.

Key Takeaway

Graysky, the first third-party client for Bluesky, introduces a Pro subscription and Trending Topics, marking a significant milestone in the development of the Twitter/X competitor. The subscription offers advanced features, while the addition of Trending Topics enhances the platform’s engagement and user experience.

Graysky’s Pro Subscription

With the latest release, Graysky is offering a Pro subscription that allows users to personalize the app with themes, translate posts using DeepL, and access upcoming features such as custom app icons, support for polls, and post analytics. The subscription, priced at $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year, aims to support the app’s ongoing development and provide additional value to its users.

New Features for All Users

Alongside the Pro subscription, Graysky’s update brings a host of new features to all users. These include a revamped post composer screen, a “Trending Topics” section, support for Quick Actions, improved user suggestions, and more. The introduction of Trending Topics provides users with a glimpse into the most popular discussions on Bluesky, similar to the experience offered by other social media platforms.

Graysky’s Differentiation and Development

Graysky stands out as the first cross-platform third-party app for Bluesky, offering a seamless experience for both iOS and Android users. The app’s development has been characterized by its rapid addition of features not initially available on Bluesky, such as GIF support, searchable interface, and a customizable feed selection. These efforts are aimed at enhancing the user experience and bridging the gap between Graysky and the official Bluesky app.

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