The Iconfactory Launches Tapestry, A New App For Tracking Social Media And News


The Iconfactory, the team behind the popular third-party Twitter client, Twitterrific, has announced the launch of a new app called “Project Tapestry.” This app aims to combine social media, news feeds, and alerts into one seamless experience for users. The app is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, with a goal of $100,000 to further develop and launch the app to the public.

Key Takeaway

The Iconfactory has introduced Project Tapestry, a new app aimed at simplifying the consumption of online media by aggregating social media, news feeds, and alerts into a single interface. The app is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter to further develop and launch to the public.

Organizing Online Media

Project Tapestry is designed to streamline the experience of consuming online media by allowing users to follow a variety of sources in one place. This includes blogs, news sites, social networks, and critical updates such as weather alerts and earthquake warnings. The app will integrate with various platforms and services, including Twitter alternatives like Bluesky and Mastodon, as well as RSS feeds from blogs and news sites.

Features and Functionality

Once set up, Tapestry will organize all updates into a single chronological feed, removing duplicates to reduce clutter. The app will also support features like marking items as read, remembering reading positions, and offering light and dark themes. Additionally, the team plans to implement advanced search functionality if the Kickstarter stretch goal of $150,000 is reached.

Challenges and Future Outlook

The Iconfactory’s decision to launch Project Tapestry comes in the wake of the shutdown of Twitterrific, which had been a significant source of revenue for the company. The team hopes that Tapestry will help fill the gap left by Twitterrific’s closure and provide a new solution for users looking to track news and information across different platforms.

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