WinStar Casino App Exposed Customers’ Personal Data Due To Security Lapse


The startup behind the phone app for the renowned casino resort WinStar recently faced a security breach, leading to the exposure of customers’ private information. The incident has raised concerns about the protection of personal data in the digital age.

Key Takeaway

The security lapse involving the My WinStar app highlights the critical importance of safeguarding personal data and the need for proactive measures to prevent unauthorized access.

Security Lapse Exposes Sensitive Information

Oklahoma-based WinStar, known as the “world’s biggest casino,” offers the My WinStar app, developed by Nevada software startup Dexiga. However, a significant oversight by Dexiga resulted in the exposure of a logging database, allowing unauthorized access to customers’ personal data.

Exposed Data and Response

The exposed database contained a range of personal information, including full names, phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, gender, and device IP addresses. Despite the severity of the breach, the data was found to be unencrypted, with only limited redaction for sensitive details like birth dates.

Upon discovery of the security lapse, Dexiga took the database offline. However, the company downplayed the incident, claiming that the exposed data was “publicly available information” and that no sensitive data was compromised. Dexiga attributed the incident to a log migration, emphasizing ongoing investigations and monitoring of their IT systems.

Concerns and Ongoing Investigations

The breach has raised questions about the protection of personal data and the potential impact on affected individuals. Dexiga’s response regarding notification of affected customers and communication with WinStar remains unclear, leaving the extent of the data exposure and its implications uncertain.

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