Arc Search: Your New AI-Powered Search Companion


The Browser Company has recently launched a new mobile app, Arc Search, which aims to revolutionize the search experience for iPhone users. This innovative browser app introduces AI-powered features that set it apart from traditional search engines.

Key Takeaway

Arc Search, the latest offering from The Browser Company, leverages AI-powered features to deliver a personalized and efficient browsing experience, setting a new standard for mobile search companions.

Browse for Me: AI-Powered Search

Arc Search’s standout feature, “Browse for me,” utilizes advanced AI models to curate a custom webpage in response to user queries. By analyzing information from at least six web pages, the app generates a comprehensive page with distinct sections, including relevant images and videos. For instance, a search for “How to make a perfectly poached egg” yields a tailored page with sections such as “Ingredients and Tools,” “Poaching technique,” and “Cooking process.”

Enhanced User Experience

Users can effortlessly explore additional links related to their search through the “Dive Deeper” section. Furthermore, the app offers a reader mode for easy browsing and automatically blocks GDPR and newsletter popups, ads, and trackers, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted browsing experience.

Future Developments

Arc Search plans to integrate its mobile and desktop clients, providing a unified browsing experience. Additionally, the company aims to introduce cross-browser syncing, enabling users to seamlessly transition between devices. With a focus on user accessibility, Arc Search eliminates the need for account creation, allowing users to dive into browsing immediately.

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