Google Chrome Unveils A Fresh Look And Enhanced Search Features To Celebrate 15th Anniversary


Google Chrome, the widely used desktop browser, is undergoing a complete redesign in honor of its 15th anniversary. As part of the celebration, Google is implementing their “Material You” design principles, introducing an updated Chrome Web Store, and launching new search tools within the Google search side panel.

Key Takeaway

Google Chrome celebrates its 15th anniversary with a complete visual redesign using Material You design principles. The updated Chrome features new search tools, an improved Chrome Web Store, and easier access to various features. Chrome’s dominance in the desktop browser market faces challenges from innovative newcomers like Arc.

A Material You Makeover for Chrome

Incorporating the Material You visual design changes, Google aims to provide users with a refreshing experience. The browser’s icons will feature enhanced legibility, while new color palettes will complement users’ tabs and toolbar. These new color themes will facilitate differentiation between multiple profiles or work and personal accounts. Furthermore, Chrome will seamlessly integrate with users’ operating system-level settings, allowing for easy adaptation to light and dark modes.

The three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the browser will become a central hub for users to access various features. From this menu, users can manage their Chrome extensions, utilize Google Translate, access Google Password Manager, and more.

An Updated Chrome Web Store

The Chrome Web Store, now in public preview, receives a significant revamp with the introduction of Material You. The updated store includes new categories such as AI-powered extensions, an Editors’ spotlight for curated content, and personalized recommendations. Additionally, Google has expanded Safety Check to extensions, empowering Chrome to identify unpublished or potentially malicious extensions that violate its policies. Third-party tools like CRXcavator and Spin.AI Risk Assessment further assist businesses in assessing extension risks.

Enhanced Search Features

Alongside the visual makeover, Chrome introduces new search capabilities. Users can select the “Search this page with Google” option from the three-dot menu while browsing a webpage. This action opens a Google Search side panel, enabling users to discover related searches and view the source of the page they are currently browsing. The side panel can also be pinned to the toolbar for convenient access.

Chrome’s Dominance and Evolving Challenges

Chrome continues to maintain its stronghold on the desktop browser market, commanding a 63.52% share, according to Statcounter. Safari holds a distant second place with 13.02%, followed by Edge (11.15%), Firefox (6.18%), and other browsers. However, Chrome faces new contenders like Arc, which are redefining the browsing experience and attracting the attention of web power users and younger audiences seeking novel ways to engage with the web.

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