Arc Browser Launches Beta Version For Windows Users


The Browser Company has announced the long-awaited release of its Windows client for Arc browser. After making its Mac client available to the public earlier this year, the company is finally fulfilling the demands of Windows users. The Windows client will be launched as a beta version, with more users being onboarded throughout the month.

Key Takeaway:

The Browser Company launches its Windows client for Arc browser, fulfilling the demands of Windows users. The beta version is now available, with more users being onboarded throughout the month. Although not all features will be available at launch, the company is actively working on porting them. With a successful year of new features and improvements, Arc browser continues to enhance the browsing experience for its users.

The release of the Windows client comes after the company received numerous requests from users and observers. The Mac client had been in invite-only mode since 2022, but now, Windows users can also join the Arc browser community. The company has had over 500,000 users on a waitlist, showcasing the high demand for the Windows version.

The Browser Company has expressed its commitment to rapidly increasing the invite roll-outs in January, ensuring that more users can access the Windows client. The startup has received backing from Thrive Capital, making it a notable player in the browser market.

Porting Features

While the company did not reveal if the Windows client has full feature parity with the Mac client, it did mention that it is currently working on porting key features. Some of these features include Peek, which allows users to preview a webpage by hovering over it, and Mini Arc. Although not all features will be available at launch, the company is dedicated to enhancing the Windows client.

The core team responsible for building on Windows includes product engineering lead Alexandra Medway, former VP of Chrome Darin Fisher, and former Facebook engineer and Swift on Windows expert Saleem Abdulrasool. The company is also exploring the possibility of open-sourcing its code for the Windows client, further expanding its reach.

Exciting Developments for Arc Browser

Arc browser has had a productive year, introducing various features and improvements. In April, the company launched an iPhone companion app, allowing users to save webpages in different workspaces and access them later from the desktop client. In May, Arc released a tool that enables users to customize webpages and remove unwanted elements, such as user suggestion boxes.

More recently, in October, Arc browser unveiled AI-based features, including file and pinned tab renaming, a summary preview of a page, and access to ChatGPT through the command bar. Furthermore, the company added a feature to let users share their folders and spaces, and split views with non-Arc users. These developments demonstrate Arc’s commitment to providing an enhanced browsing experience for its users.

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