Apple CEO Tim Cook Promises To “Break New Ground” In GenAI This Year


During Apple’s annual shareholders meeting, CEO Tim Cook announced that the company will be “breaking new ground” in the field of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) this year. This comes as the company reportedly redirected resources from a long-term electric vehicle project to focus on GenAI initiatives.

Key Takeaway

Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that the company will be making significant advancements in Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) this year, signaling a shift in focus towards integrating GenAI models into its products and services.

Slow but Deliberate Approach to GenAI

Unlike its competitors, Apple has taken a slower and more deliberate approach to investing in and implementing GenAI. Cook previously mentioned that the company was internally working on GenAI but was cautious about customer-facing applications of the technology. However, recent reports suggest that Apple is gearing up to integrate GenAI models into its products and services.

Upcoming GenAI-Powered Features

Reports indicate that Apple is planning to enhance Siri and iOS’ built-in search tool, Spotlight, with GenAI models. This upgrade aims to enable these features to handle more complex queries and engage in sophisticated multi-turn conversations. Additionally, Apple is exploring the integration of GenAI-powered features for tasks such as generating presentation slides in Keynote, creating playlists in Apple Music, and providing coding suggestions in Xcode.

Apple’s Intensifying GenAI Focus

Apple’s engineers have been increasingly involved in GenAI-related research and development, as evidenced by the growing number of academic and technical papers authored by them. The company has also released open source models and tools for developing GenAI-powered software, including a chatbot called Ferret and an image modification model named MGIE. Furthermore, Apple is rumored to be investing significantly in GenAI, with potential plans for hardware upgrades in the upcoming iPhone 16 models.

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