Anycubic 3D Printers Hacked To Warn Of Security Flaw


Anycubic customers have reported that their 3D printers were hacked, displaying a message warning of a supposed security flaw within the company’s systems. The incident has sparked concerns among users and raised questions about the vulnerability of internet-connected devices.

Key Takeaway

Anycubic 3D printer users have reported a security incident involving the unauthorized dissemination of a warning message, raising concerns about the vulnerability of internet-connected devices and the potential risks associated with such breaches.

Alleged Security Breach

Several Anycubic 3D printer owners took to Reddit to share their experiences after discovering an unsolicited text file named “hacked_machine_readme” on their devices. The file contained a message claiming that Anycubic’s systems had a “critical vulnerability” and advised users to take immediate action to prevent potential exploitation. The message also suggested disconnecting the printer from the internet to avoid being compromised by a malicious actor.

MQTT Service Vulnerability

The text file referenced an unspecified vulnerability in Anycubic’s MQTT service, which purportedly allowed unauthorized access to and control of internet-connected 3D printers. MQTT is a widely used messaging protocol for facilitating communication between devices and back-end servers.

Company’s Response

At the time of the incident, Anycubic’s app was inaccessible, displaying a “network unavailable” error message when users attempted to log in. Despite claims from the individual behind the text file that millions of Anycubic 3D printers were targeted, the company’s representative, James Ouyang, did not provide a response to inquiries regarding the alleged security breach.

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