Aim Security Raises $10M To Secure GenAI Applications


Tel Aviv-based Aim Security has secured $10 million in seed funding for its new GenAI security platform. The funding round was led by YL Ventures, with participation from Cyber Club London and a group of angel investors, including the founders of WIZ.

Key Takeaway

Aim Security has raised

0 million to develop its GenAI security platform, which aims to prevent data leakage and ensure the safe usage of GenAI applications.

Founders’ Background

The company’s founders, Matan Getz (CEO) and Adir Gruss (CTO), gained their cybersecurity expertise during their time with the Israel Defense Forces. Getz, who spent time with Unit 8200, became the deputy CISO at the IDF, while Gruss was the commander of an elite cybersecurity education program. After their military service, Gruss became the field CTO of Laminar.

Focus on GenAI Security

Aim Security aims to address the security implications of GenAI, particularly in preventing data leakage and ensuring that GenAI usage does not compromise private data. The company’s platform integrates with existing security solutions and offers a lightweight browser extension to monitor and control the use of GenAI tools by employees and applications.

Industry Traction and Expansion

The company has gained significant traction across various industries and is now looking to expand in the U.S. and European markets, leveraging the support of investors with deep roots in these regions.

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