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How to Play iMessage Games With Your Contacts

Being stuck at home for a while now has been anything but easy. It didn’t make it easier when we can’t hang out with our friends either. But, thanks to technology, we are still able to keep in contact with them even with social distancing. iPhone users are especially in luck with Apple’s iMessage games that give them one more way to interact. Don’t know how to play iMessage games? Well, you’re in luck!

In this article, you’ll learn how to play iMessage games with your friends and contacts. Spice up your friendship with a little friendly competition on your iPhone without risking your health and your friend’s.


iMessage logo.
Apple Inc.SVG by CMetalCore via Wikimedia Commons

What Is iMessage?

Let’s get down to the basics first. iMessage is an exclusive messaging app for Apple users. It sends instant messages to your contacts over the internet, and just like in most messaging apps, a WiFi or a mobile data connection is a must.

On your iOs device, iMessage texts are in a blue chat box as opposed to a green bubble when you send a normal text message. You can send all kinds of files over iMessage too; just remember the bigger the file, the more it eats up your data.

One of the great features of iMessage is end-to-end encryption. Everything you send using iMessage will be safe from hackers and even Apple itself. There are a lot of encrypted messaging apps available for download now, but as an Apple user, you no longer need to download another external app because iMessage can provide secure chatting for you already.

iMessage is a great messaging app that has features your typical messenger doesn’t have. You can book a dinner reservation, start polls, send money through Apple Pay, or live out your entrepreneur goals by buying and selling among your Apple people. And now, even playing games within the app is possible.


How Do iMessage Games Work?

A good thing about Apple products is being able to utilize different iOS apps inside other applications on your device. The same goes for iMessage, where you can access the Apple App Store.

Before learning how to play iMessage games, you need to ensure that your device has been updated to iOs 11 or higher. Access the App Store in iMessage and choose a game to download. After you add that to the apps list, you can message your friend if they are up for some iMessage games and begin playing.

Playing iMessage games is simple enough for both of you to understand. There is a wide variety of games you can play on iMessage, but you have to take turns playing on the app. You can make the first move, then your contact, and so on.


How to Play iMessage Games
Photo by Bruce Mars via Unsplash

How to Play iMessage Games

Here is all you need to know about how to play iMessage games with your Apple contacts. After downloading the games you want to play, here’s what to do next:

  1. Open your device’s iMessage app and search for the person you wish to play with.
  2. Start a conversation with the contact you want to play with. You can skip steps three to four if you’ve downloaded an iMessage game already.
  3. Find the App Store icon by scrolling through the selections just above your keyboard. Once you see it, tap on it. This will take you to a modified version of the App Store that only offers iMessage extensions.
  4. Pick your game and tap Get. To quit the Apps store, just click on “X.”
  5. Beside the iMessage text box, tap the Apps icon.
  6. Scroll through the Apps menu until you find the game you want to play and click on it.
  7. After choosing the iMessage game you want to play, it will automatically be loaded into your keyboard as though you were sharing a picture.
  8. Like a standard message, your game will indicate “Delivered.” To start your round, tap on the message.
  9. You’ll have to wait for your contact to play when you’ve finished your turn.
  10. When a game is over, you can either click “Play Again” from within the game itself or send a new invitation. You can do that by following the same steps above.


iMessage Games You Can Play With Your Contacts

Now you know how to play iMessage games, here are our top picks for the best games you can add to your Apple Apps. You don’t have to stress about fees because you can play these games for free!


Game Pigeon

Game Pigeon on iMessage.
Screenshot from Apple Store

Game Pigeon is a classic iMessage game. You’re not only getting one game but over a dozen mini-games! You can play Chess, Battleship, Checkers, Cup Pong, Four in a Row, and many more.



  • Some mini-games can support over two players.
  • The update fixes the game’s bugs.
  • There are a lot of cool in-app buys.


  • Not all the games have instructions and can be really confusing.
  • You must pay to get rid of the many ads in some games.

Get Game Pigeon on the App Store


8 Ball Pool

iMessage game 8 Ball Pool.
Screenshot from Apple Store

Another classic game among friends can now be played within the iMessage app. You can master your 8 Ball Pool skills with your contacts and more while engaging in playful banter in iMessage. Just like in real life, right?

There is also a standalone app for 8 Ball Pool you can download from the App Store. You can play with multiple people when you get the app.


  • Smooth running billiards game.
  • If you want more competition, you can enable a ranking system with in-app purchases.
  • You can earn coins to buy unique pool cues.


  • Ads keep popping up in the game.
  • Connecting issues are prominent, which can cause you to lose a turn.
  • When playing with multiplayer, skill levels are often mismatched. A beginner can go against a pro-level player.

Get 8 Ball Pool on the App Store



iMessage game Wordie.
Screenshot from Apple Store

Wordie is like the famous game Four Pics One Word. It employs the same rules, and now, you can play it in iMessage. Four pictures will appear on both of you and your opponent’s screen, and it’s up to you to guess the mystery word.

After knowing how to play iMessage games, Wordie is a fun addition to your app list. You can create your own puzzles, which you can use to test your friendship. You can create your puzzles by putting your own pictures and setting your mystery word for them to guess.



  • Other players can also use the puzzle you customized.
  • Features over 100 levels with more set to arrive.
  • It utilizes social media so you can ask your friends for help.


  • There are a lot of ads.
  • Some puzzles lack challenge and can be too obvious or easy.

Get Wordie on the App Store


Fast Thumbs

Fast Thumbs on iMessage.
Screenshot from Apple Store

This iMessage game will put your eye and hand coordination speed to the test. All you do is type—literally. But don’t be fooled by its simple gameplay because this can still awaken your competitive side. The faster you type, the higher the score you get than your opponent.

Fast Thumbs is an iMessage game that can teach you how to type better. The scores are determined not only by how fast you type but also by your punctuation, consistency, and overall accuracy.



  • The game can help improve your typing ability.


  • The game can be confusing because of the lack of instructions at the beginning.
  • Users have a hard time deleting the app when they no longer want to use it.
  • The categories are only music-related.

Get Fast Thumbs on the App Store


Boggle With Friends

Boggle With Friends on iMessage.
Screenshot from Apple Store

Everybody knows how to play Boggle, but not everybody knows you can now play it in iMessage. This game uses Boggle’s classic game rules and regulations, giving you and your opponent two minutes to come up with the most words as possible with the jumbled letters inside the box.



  • It features different gameplay modes.
  • You can play in live tournaments.


  • You can’t turn off the sound effects in the game, and the voice-overs can be annoying.
  • The iMessage game glitches during tournaments.
  • A lot of ads pop up even in between matches.

Get Boggle With Friends on the App Store


Cobi Hoops

iMessage game Cobi Hoops.

When you finally learn how to play iMessage games, you have to get Cobi Hoops on your Apps list. You can shoot hoops with your friends without breaking a sweat in this game. The point of the game is to try to score baskets as much as you can in the span of 30 seconds.



  • You can choose from different unique characters and courts.
  • The pixel art is nostalgic and provides each character cool features.


  • You can only play up to six rounds.
  • There is a paywall to unlock more game modes and characters.

Get Cobi Hoops on the App Store


Simple Trivia

Simple Trivia on iMessage.
Screenshot from Apple Store

You can still have a trivia night with your friends, though virtually, it doesn’t make it less fun. You can play Simple Trivia in iMessage and test your general surface knowledge of history, pop culture, and science.


  • There are over 100 questions that cover a variety of topics.
  • You can add your own questions for your friends to answer.


  • The categories can be more organized. There are some questions that seem to belong to the category.
  • Sports questions often dominate the game’s questions.
  • There are a lot of ads.

Get Simple Trivia on the App Store



Pictoword on iMessage.
Screenshot from Apple Store

Pictoword brings Pictionary to iMessage. If you don’t know how to play Pictionary, it’s essentially letting the other player guess the word by drawing it. On iMessage, you will need to use your screen as the blank canvas to make your friend guess the word.

Get ready for laughs when trying to draw a picture you wish to pass an insect or something else, because let’s be honest, we’re not all artists here, right?



  • A fun game you can play with anybody from any age.


  • Ads can be overwhelming.
  • You don’t always get the coins you earn. It will say redeemed but nothing will be added to your coins tally.
  • The words can lack challenge because most are too easy.

Get Pictoword on the App Store


Truth Truth Lie

Truth Truth Lie on iMessage.
Screenshot from Apple Store

The infamous ice-breaker game of two truths and a lie can now be played in iMessage. It’s a fun game for your friend group to get to know each other better or catch a person in a lie. Each player will have to record three statements while the others guess which is false.


  • The game has Two Lies and a Truth game mode.
  • You can opt for a text-only mode if you’re feeling good about recording yourself.
  • Glitches or tech issues are almost non-existent.


  • None

Get Truth Truth Lie on the App Store


Letter Fridge

Letter Fridge on iMessage.
Screenshot from Apple Store

Once you learn how to play iMessage games, one of the simplest but still enjoyable games you can enjoy with your friend is Letter Fridge. The game presents you with different letters in a cute old-school refrigerator that you need to make words from. You have two minutes to come up with the most words you can and beat your opponent’s high score.



  • There are unique retro fridge designs.
  • The game has a nostalgic vibe with sound effects to match it.


  • The game’s dictionary is very limited. There are words the game doesn’t understand or accept.
  • There are a lot of ads in the game.

Get Letter Fridge on the App Store


Let’s Puck It!

Let's Puck It on iMessage.
Screenshot from Apple Store

This iMessage game ups the stakes in your friendly competition between your friends. Let’s Puck It! lets you play air hockey with fun bets like the loser will pay for dinner. You can make your own wagers and make it crazier, but be careful because the puck goes faster each round.



  • Makes the simple game of hockey more competitive and fun with stakes you can control.
  • You can easily settle a dispute by playing one game.


  • It doesn’t really match the intensity or excitement of air hockey because you still have to wait for your turn.

Get Let’s Puck It! on the App Store


Mr. Putt

Mr. Putt on iMessage.
Screenshot from Apple Store

The best iMessage game for mini golf is Mr. Putt. It features four different golf courses to play—Nebula, Frost, Retro, and Blaze. The fewer strokes you make to put the ball inside the hole, the more points you get.



  • The themes of the golf courses make the games more interesting.
  • The gameplay is easy and can be addicting when you have nothing else to do.


  • Each golf course only has nine holes. You can’t really level up after.
  • The game has a lot of glitches.

Get Mr. Putt on the App Store


Words With Friends

iMessage game Words With Friends.
Screenshot from Apple Store

Words With Friends is a popular game that went viral when the pandemic started. It has always been a staple game to play with your online friends. Now, you can play it on iMessage with your contacts. It’s a Scrabble-style word game that lets you best your friends with the highest scoring word.


  • A wordsmith’s dream. The power-up squares on the board are placed differently in each game.


  • The AI for solo play seems to be cheating. It enters words that aren’t in the app’s dictionary.
  • Some ads can be distracting.

Get Words With Friends on the App Store


Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Bubble Witch 3 Saga on iMessage.
Screenshot from Apple Store

You can play Bubble Witch 3 Saga on iMessage too. All you have to do is match three bubbles of the same color to score. The goal here is to try to score higher than your opponent to win.

If you enjoy Bubble Witch 3 Saga, you can download the standalone app and enjoy more game modes.



  • The game has a cute 8-bit pixel art that gives a nostalgic vibe.
  • Easy to play but still allows you to be competitive.


  • The latest update brought more ads to the game that lasted up to 30 seconds.

Get Bubble With 3 Saga on the App Store


Yahtzee With Buddies Dice

Yahtzee With Buddies game.
Screenshot from Apple Store

You’ll be surprised after knowing how to play iMessage games that many of your favorite board games can also be played on the app. A classic board game you can play with your contacts is Yahtzee!

Get ready to roll the dice and dominate your friend in this two-player iMessage game. While it’s not as much fun as taunting your opponents by yelling “Yahtzee!” in the same room, it does an excellent job bringing the game to your iPhone and other Apple devices.



  • The game features different game modes with tournaments and different challenges.


  • There are instances that you won’t receive tournament rewards earned due to glitches and bugs.

Get Yahtzee With Buddies Dice on the App Store


Final Thoughts

We’re all missing our friends in this pandemic, but we have to give it to technology for providing us countless ways to interact while maintaining social distance protocols. And as we battle through wave after wave of viruses, stay in your homes and have your smartphone take you wherever your feet can’t. Turn your devices into virtual havens where you can still keep in touch with the people you love.

Learning how to play iMessage games can simply make all the difference in your everyday interaction with your family and friends. Chatting and texting are not so bad, but a little friendly competition is healthy too.

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