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How to Clean A Computer or TV Screen Without Scratches

how to clean computer screen

Whether it’s your computer screen or your TV screen, it’s important to build up a habit of cleaning. If you thought that your monitor screen doesn’t need cleaning, then think again. Over time, your monitor will also collect dust and debris just like everything else.

Let’s not forget that all the times you’ve coughed and sneezed on it will cause it to get dirty as well. You can try getting used to a dirty monitor, but that’s a less than desirable situation. In this article, we’re going to teach you how to clean computer screens properly.


When Should I Clean My Monitor Screen?

When Should I Clean My Monitor Screen
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The question you should be asking isn’t really when you should clean your monitor, but rather how often. Some people have a habit of cleaning their monitors and TV screens every week, and others clean their screens every month or two. There are even people who don’t clean their monitors at all. 

How often you should be cleaning your laptop screen depends on who you ask. There will be people who will tell you to clean your screen once a week, and there will be those who advise you to clean it every other week. To be perfectly frank, there’s no advisable set time for you to clean your monitor and TV screens.

Whenever you decide to clean your screens is up to you. However, we do advise you to make a habit of cleaning your monitor and TV screens routinely to avoid them from getting too dirty. Just clean your computer screen whenever you see fit. However, it is recommended that you clean your computer screens whenever you clean your PC

The only thing we can advise you to do is to clean your monitor and TV screen when you see fit. You should be careful not to excessively clean them, though, as they may become damaged as a result. After all, they’re very fragile screens. Cleaning them too often may leave scratches on them. 


Advantages of Having a Clean Screen

There are plenty of reasons to keep your monitor and TV screen clean. For instance, having a clean monitor makes it easier to look at without getting annoyed. It also makes it look more pleasing to the eye. 

A cleaner screen allows you to work better and not be distracted by the dirt on your screen. Depending on how dirty your screen is, your overall monitor visibility may be lower. Overall, you’ll be able to focus more on your work if your workspace is cleaner. Cleaning your TV screen also allows you to enjoy what you’re watching without being annoyed at the dirt on the screen. 

Additionally, there are also repercussions for not cleaning your screen. As an example, your computer screen will become faded over time due to the dirt and debris it has built up. A damaged monitor may require repairs that could cost you more than a pretty penny.

If a friend of yours comes to your house and uses your TV or computer, they’ll notice how dirty it is. They’re more likely to comment about a dirty screen rather than a clean one. Cleaning your computer and TV screen saves you the trouble of explaining why they’re dirty. Moreover, cleaning your monitor helps extend its lifespan and functionality.


Best Ways To Clean A Monitor And TV Screen

Now, onto the main event. How to clean a computer screen? Well, there are a couple of ways you can clean your monitors. You can use a thin lint-free cloth as a screen cleaner for your monitor. Cleaning your computer monitor with a dry piece of cloth is a good option, provided there’s not too much dirt on it.

If your screen has a considerable amount of dirt on it, you might need to use a linen cloth that’s been slightly dampened. This will ensure that the dirt on your screen is wiped off cleanly. These two ways, cleaning with a dry cloth or dampened cloth, are some of the most popular ways with regard to how to clean a computer screen.


Cleaning With Dry Cloth

Cleaning With Dry Cloth
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When cleaning with a dry cloth, the first thing you want to do is get a cloth that’s really thin. This will preferably be a thin lint-free cloth, as a thick cloth might damage the screen. Doing this is the safest option for cleaning a monitor. Before beginning to clean, ensure that the monitor is turned off or plugged out. 

While wiping, you should ensure that you don’t do any circular motion. You should wipe your screen with long, sweeping motions. You should also make sure to wipe the screen lightly because giving it a rough wiping might damage the screen. It’s always a pain to repair a damaged monitor. You’ll have more things to worry about than how to clean a computer screen when you have a broken monitor.

You can try cleaning your computer or TV screen with a dry cloth to check whether or not the dirt can come off easily. If the dirt on the screen does come off easily, then good for you. If that’s not the case, then you might need to resort to using a dampened cloth instead. 


Cleaning With Moistened Cloth

How do you clean a computer screen when a dry cloth doesn’t work? Well, in these cases, you’ll want to moisten up the cloth you’re using. Doing this will help the cloth absorb the dirt and scrape it off more effectively. However, you shouldn’t completely douse your cloth in the liquid. 

You should only dab your cloth lightly to moisten it up a bit. Overdoing this can mess up your monitor, and in some cases, it may completely break it. Depending on the situation, you might need to use plain water, dish soap, or even vinegar on your cloth.


Cleaning Using Moistened Cloth With Water 

Cleaning Using Moistened Cloth With Water
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A cloth with some warm water on it is great as a TV screen cleaner all on its own. You can wet the cloth with a bit of water, but make sure that you don’t overdo it. To guarantee you don’t overdo it, you should wring out the cloth until only a bit of water is left in it. 

You can use just about any type of water you have, provided the water isn’t dirty. You can even use tap water. However, using distilled water is more preferable since it’s cleaner and doesn’t contain any minerals and impurities. 

How do you clean a computer screen with a moistened cloth? It’s quite simple. First, dampen your cloth, then proceed to wipe your screen. Don’t do circular motions; do sweeping motions instead. You can either go from top to bottom or left to right. Again, turn off the monitor or plug it off to prevent electrocution. Wait for the screen to dry out before turning it back on.


Cleaning Using Cloth With Dish Soap and Water

Cleaning Using Cloth With Dish Soap And Water
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You can also use a mix of dish soap and water. Mix one or two drops of dish soap into the water then moisten your cloth with it. Again, wring it out and then wipe across the screen. After wiping the screen, get a dry cloth and then wipe the screen again to remove residue. 

While this is definitely a viable solution, it is advised for you not to do it often. This method also isn’t recommended for disinfecting screens. As a matter of fact, a dry cloth does better at disinfecting than a wet one. Only do this if your monitor is extra dirty.


Cleaning Using Cloth With Vinegar and Water

Using a regular dampened cloth doesn’t work all the time. This is especially true of screens that haven’t been cleaned in ages because your screen might have dirt that’s sticky. In cases like these, you should mix white vinegar with water. 

How to clean a computer screen using vinegar and water? Once again, you need to wipe your screen in large motions. You should use broad, light strokes to get the job done. Vinegar is good for sanitization because it can kill germs as well. 

However, vinegar can be a danger to your screen if not done properly. After you wipe your screen, you can wait for it to dry or wipe it with a dry cloth. You should wait until you’re sure that it’s dry before you turn it back on.


Best Products To Use and Avoid

Best Products To Use And To Avoid
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There are always dos and don’ts in doing things. And when it comes to cleaning your computer or TV screen, there are products you should use and avoid. Here are some products you should use and prevent from getting close to your monitor.

Things you should use include a lint-free microfiber cloth. Some TVs and computer monitors come with these, so use those for your screens. If you don’t have a microfiber cloth, then any cloth will do so long as it’s thn and lint-free. Moreover, you should also have some mild dish soap and water at your disposal. If you really need it, then using any white vinegar products can also be useful in cleaning your screens. 

In the “things you should avoid” corner, we have aerosol sprays and solvents, thick and hard cloth, as well as cold or hot water. When cleaning your monitor, you should never use cold water or extremely hot water. Additionally, you shouldn’t spray anything directly on the monitor, as this can damage the screen.


Keep Calm And Clean On

We hope this article has informed you of how to clean computer screen. Usually, the way for cleaning computer monitors can be translated to TV screens as well. Now that we’ve given you all the information you need to clean your monitor and make it better, the rest is up to you. 

How to Clean A Computer or TV Screen Without Scratches

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