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How Do Bluetooth Speakers Work?

How Do Bluetooth Speakers Work

Everyone uses Bluetooth nowadays. From home appliances to office equipment, this technology connects devices over short distances. As such, there are many advantages to using it for both consumer and industrial devices.

Once Bluetooth Low Energy technology was developed, it increased Bluetooth applications beyond audio streaming. Now, Bluetooth fulfills its promise of delivering a general-purpose connectivity solution. So, what is Bluetooth and how do Bluetooth speakers work? 

Read on as we fill you in on everything you should know about this wonderful technology!


What Is Bluetooth?

How Does Bluetooth Work
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In order to understand how Bluetooth works, you must first know how we use phones to converse with one another. Cell phones use radio waves to communicate with cell towers that can be located as far as several miles away. For its part, Bluetooth is using radio waves that are much more weaker, which in turn means that Bluetooth range does not exceed 30 feet or 10 meters.

For example, a Bluetooth speaker should be within a few feet to an audio streaming Bluetooth device in order to work. The most advanced Bluetooth devices used for industrial purposes can have a range of about 100 meters (300 feet). But, you will not find such a range in any consumer device.


How To Connect Two Bluetooth Devices Together

It is easy to syncronizing Bluetooth compatible devices together. The connection is established automatically once you activate these Bluetooth devices within range. The communication between them occurs over a piconet, which is a short-range network and can comprise of multiple Bluetooth devices.

Once you have two Bluetooth devices within a single piconet, they will connect automatically every time they are able to communicate. One of them will act as a discoverable device and the other will work as a control center. That is how your Bluetooth keyboard and mouse become automatically available when you start your laptop and you can change their properties and settings.

So, in essence, Bluetooth is not only a communication technology. Just like other wireless technologies, Bluetooth offers data transfer capabilities. Otherwise, your Bluetooth speaker wouldn’t be able to play audio.


How Do Bluetooth Devices Work?

How To Sync Bluetooth Devices Together
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As explained above, wireless audio streaming is essentially the transfer of data between a streaming device (phone or computer) and a Bluetooth speaker within range. Hence, Bluetooth does indeed use data. 

One major advantage of using a portable Bluetooth speaker is that the user doesn’t require any tech skills. Simply switch on a Bluetooth speaker. Once your audio device discovers the Bluetooth speaker, the two devices will sync with each other.

The limited range of Bluetooth is also an advantage in this scenario as it prevents transmission of huge amounts of data over large areas and distances. This can disrupt the functioning of other connected devices and networks.

On the other hand, Bluetooth offers extremely low power consumption. This is because the transfer speed of Bluetooth networks is not very high. The same, of course, applies to other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as keyboards, mouses, keyless door locks, smartwatches, printers, webcams, and headphones.


Best Bluetooth Speakers To Consider Buying

The rapid advancements in audio streaming technology and the boom of music-streaming online services are making Bluetooth speakers one of the most popular Bluetooth devices. We have curated 3 of the best Bluetooth speakers available in the market for your consideration.


1. Sony SRS-XB501G Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sony SRS-XB501G Portable Bluetooth Speaker
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Sony SRS-XB501G is one of the big-sized party speakers on the market for wireless devices of this kind. It can play at full volume for up to 16 hours and you can control it through Google Assistant. It is an amazing party speaker to use on the go as its batteries last for 12 hours even with Extra Bass and lighting enabled.

You can control all the major features using the speaker’s buttons but you still need to install the Google Home app and Sony’s Music Center app to unlock the speaker’s smart functionalities.

The XB501G model is one that actually bridges the gap between a party and home speaker although Sony should put some effort into improving the voice detection capabilities of the device. Actually, average voice detection is one of the few shortcomings of the Bluetooth-enabled XB501G along with subpar app experience.

Nonetheless, it offers powerful sound for between 12 and 16 hours and has physical control buttons. The Sony SRS-XB501G portable Bluetooth speaker weighs 2.72 kg. That is why it is equipped with a sturdy carrying handle.


2. Bose SoundLink Revolve

Bose Soundlink Revolve Portable Speaker
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Bose SoundLink Revolve offers you the comfort of being able to control this very durable Bluetooth speaker through Siri and Google voice assistants. It offers excellent sound but in contrast to Sony SRS-XB501G, it lacks dust and waterproofing. Hence, it is a better choice as a home speaker.

This Bose Bluetooth speaker utilizes Surround Sound so that audio is heard clearly from all directions. SoundLink is also very capable as a device to answer calls. It easily detects your voice from any direction. It also pairs with two Revolve speakers if you want true stereo.

You have a multifunctional physical button at your disposal, which enables you to control various functions of the SoundLink Revolve such as playback, volume, power and Bluetooth 4.0. You can also activate smart assistants Siri and Google Assistant through the button.

The Revolve Bluetooth speaker offers up to 12 hours of playing experience. It compares well to competing devices, but you have to expect a charging duration of up to 4 hours.


3. JBL Charge 3 Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Charge 3
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JBL Charge 3 offers good sound and all the features you expect from an excellent Bluetooth speaker. All this for a reasonable price too. It is a bit heavier than competing products but offers an option to charge your smartphone while still playing. Furthermore, it is waterproof as well. Remarkably, JBL Charge 3 is able to provide up to 20 hours of battery life while weighing only 0.8kg only.

It is a perfect choice for a Bluetooth speaker you take on the beach or place at the corner of the pool as it can survive up to 30 minutes under up to a meter of water.

You can use physical buttons for power, volume, Bluetooth and play functions. A JBL Connect button pairs multiple JBL Connect speakers to augment the sound. You can pair two JBL speakers to get a functioning stereo couple.

Charge 3 transforms into a speakerphone for conference calls through its built-in microphone which has very good voice detection capabilities. It produces clear voice sound on the other end of the line.


Final Thoughts

Bluetooth devices such as home and party speakers are getting increasingly popular thanks to a large number of advantages that Bluetooth technology provides.

It offers a very stable network connection. Also, while Bluetooth range is usually up to 10 meters (30 feet), the network does not interfere with other devices that transmit radio waves.

Bluetooth technology might not be suitable if you are required to set up speakers far away from the audio source. In this scenario, use cables is your best option. If you are in the market for an extension cord, we highly recommend the universal power strip from Krieger. It comes with 6 universal outlets and accepts most plug types from all over the world. Krieger universal power strip is available on Amazon for $19.97 and comes with free shipping for orders above $25.

Bluetooth technology is also relatively cheap to embed into a variety of products ranging from smart appliances to cars. Paired Bluetooth devices can also transfer data between each other and connect automatically once a discoverable device is within range. Bluetooth technology is also very suitable for installing beacons that interact with consumers passing nearby or provide information to visitors at a certain location.


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How Do Bluetooth Speakers Work?

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