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Sony Bluetooth Speakers: A Comprehensive Guide

Sony Bluetooth Speakers

Sony happens to be quite a reputable brand when we talk about electronics. In recent years, it has even established a pretty decent standing in the niche of Bluetooth speakers as well. Let’s have a look at some of them and determine which one is best suited for you!


Best Sony Bluetooth Speakers 


1. Sony SRS-XB12 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sony SRS-XB12 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Photo by Sony on Amazon

The Sony SRS-XB12 Bluetooth speaker comes with prolonged battery life, compact shape as well as a dust- and windproof casing. Hence, this Sony Bluetooth speaker is the perfect choice for outdoor use.

Apart from being compact, the device also comes with a detachable strap. Therefore, you can carry it pretty much anywhere while enjoying a blissful quality of sound. In case you are looking for stereo, all you need are two Sony Bluetooth Speakers

Moreover, this Sony Bluetooth speaker is able to produce an extraordinary bass. Enabling you to listen to the low notes with perfect clarity. So, if you are going camping, just charge it fully and you wouldn’t have to worry about the battery.

Finally, the Sony SRS-XB12 is affordable as compared to its competitors.


2. Sony GTKXB90 High Power Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sony GTKXB90 High Power Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Photo by Sony on Amazon

The Sony GTKXB90 Bluetooth speaker is an upgrade on features versus other competing models within its price range. It is quite well known for enhancing the quality of extremely low notes. But be advised that this feature is optional. You’ve got to hit the button in order to be amazed by the resounding bass.

What’s most exciting about this Sony Bluetooth Speaker is that it offers beautiful lighting effects as well. The lights bounce back and forth, giving you a club-like environment. You can connect two of these portable Bluetooth speakers and then let the lights do their magic to create a super stereo. Moreover, Sony GTKXB90 Bluetooth speaker is also compatible with many other speakers to give you a variety of options. 

This speaker can also be controlled with Sony Music Center app. Whether you want to adjust the lights, bass, DJ settings or anything else, everything is right there in your hand.  Do note that there are multiple modes for this speaker. Hence, you can choose any of them to adjust for battery life.


3. Sony XB10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sony XB10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Photo by Sony on Amazon

The core features of the Sony XB10 Bluetooth speaker are similar to the SRS-XB12.  But, it is quite inexpensive and is specifically designed for people who have a lower budget.

The XB10 brings great value for money. By looking at its size, it is difficult to assume that it would provide a great bass. But that’s precisely what it does and competes well with the performance of its peers while being $20-$30 cheaper.

The design is also water-resistant and if you are an outdoor person, you shouldn’t have any trouble listening to your favorite music in the rainy weather. Its prolonged battery time of roughly 16 hours also enables you to listen to music all day.

In this price range, the connectivity options are also quite decent as, apart from Bluetooth connectivity, you could also link it up with NFC.


4. Sony XB40 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sony XB40 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Photo by Sony on Amazon

The Sony XB40 Bluetooth speaker is one of Sony’s standout Bluetooth products. We’ll talk about mainstream features in a while but the most appealing one, at least for me, is that the users can connect 10 XB40 speakers through Bluetooth. Therefore, the partiers can all dance to the synced beat. Sony has also integrated a perfect blend with a range of features and this speaker comes with bouncing lights as well, creating a euphoric environment.

Even though the speaker is quite sufficient on its own, you could connect 2 devices and sync them up for a perfect stereo, buzzing your ears with soothing bass. Sony has taken a lead from its competitors in this price range by embedding ClearAudio+ technology as it operates on the principles of digital signal processing and improvises the delivery of sound quality automatically.

The battery lasting time has also been increased to 24 hours. So if you happen to be an adventurist or a sports person, just charge it well and the device’s water-resistant nature will further make it a perfect choice for satisfying your wanderlust.

Please note that this speaker can also be controlled from SongPal and Fiestable smartphone apps and you can adjust literally every option in a few touches.


5. Sony XB20 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sony XB20 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Photo by Sony on Amazon

Most of the Sony portable speakers in this price range come with a single passive radiator but Sony XB20 Bluetooth speaker has taken a lead in this case, since it offers the dual option. What’s even more exciting about this device is that the top-quality stereo mode is built-in, so unlike most of the speakers discussed in this article, you do not have to sync 2 devices.

The quality of Bluetooth connectivity is also state-of-the-art with the integration of LDAC, facilitating efficient data transfers (3x of ordinary speakers). It can transmit data for up to 990 kbps, which happens to be the maximum rate in this category.

Moreover, the splash of continuous light together with the wireless party chain (facilitating up to 10 device integrations) also allows you to have the utmost experience.

The only drawback, which may not affect most of you, is that its battery does not last for more than 12 hours on a full charge. Rest assured, it is a perfect product for people looking to buy a Sony Bluetooth speaker which justifies the price tag.

Sony Bluetooth Speakers: A Comprehensive Guide

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