15 Best KissAnime Alternatives to Watch Anime for Free

The best KissAnime alternatives are the ones that share the same features with KissAnime and add to them. To others, the best KissAnime alternatives are the ones exactly like the beloved platform for otakus.

With the fall of Gogoanime last year, it was about time that people look for new streaming platforms as an alternative for Gogoanime. Now, we’ve been met with another sad closure. There is a mystery behind the closure of KissAnime in August, and it left a hole yet to be filled in online anime streaming.

In this guide, we’ll go through the story of KissAnime, what happened to the platform, and the best KissAnime alternatives you can access online.


What Is KissAnime?

KissAnime Logo
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The beginning of the 1950s saw the emergence of anime in commercial television. With Astroboy, Japan started a market of anime fanatics called otaku. These people can be from anywhere, as long as they love the culture of anime and manga.

As globalization takes its course, people from all parts of the world discover the world of anime every day. However, not everyone has the same access to the same shows. As you will see later, in legal alternatives like Netflix, it is still recommended you get a VPN to watch Netflix content.

Going back, this unequal access to anime platforms bred the rise of websites like KissAnime. This site became a hub for anime (and manga!) fans from all over the world since its establishment in 2012.

Because it is a file-sharing website everyone has easy access to, KissAnime is not without controversy. The site has been taken down more times than people can count, and it also had issues with malware. Still, otakus worldwide are grateful to the platform because it gave them access to shows that they never could have watched.

On KissAnime, you could stream or download movies and TV shows for free. Accessed by almost every otaku fan at least once in their life, KissAnime is hailed as “one of the most popular anime sites” ever.

KissAnime Categories

KissAnime Categories
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KissAnime was so popular because it offered something for everyone. People, regardless of where they are from, could watch almost any type of anime they wanted, anywhere. After a few clicks of a button and conscious ad avoidance, you had access to anything KissAnime had.

On KissAnime, you could watch anime from several genres. These include romance, supernatural, comedy, magic, space, adventure, thriller, fantasy, vampire, parody, sci-fi, psychological, horror, and martial arts.

Seeing how much it brought to the online anime community shows why people need KissAnime alternatives.


KissAnime Shutdown

Before the Shutdown

Before the Shutdown
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The main reason why people need KissAnime alternatives is because of its shutdown. In August of this year, KissAnime revealed to the public that its beta servers were “taken down by copyright holders.” The implications of this were also on the website, saying that the events could lead to its closure.

Not long after that, KissAnime’s servers were down. Afterward, all fans could do was to commemorate the now-defunct website and its impact on otaku culture online. Expectedly, people also began searching for KissAnime alternatives.

But why was it shut down?


Reasons for Shutdown

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While there is little to no proof of why the website shut down, people suspect that this is because of Japan’s updated piracy laws. In June of this year, Japan criminalized manga piracy. KissAnime’s sister website, KissManga, took a hit from this mandate. People suspected, not long after that, that KissAnime was the next target because its history of shutdowns and reinstatements proved it.

As Japan followed strict regulations of punishing those who take part in online piracy, these favorite anime websites suffered. Specifically, the law covers manga, magazine, and academic work piracy.

Still, people are not so sure about what caused KissAnime to disappear online. If it is because of the law, some sources say that it does not have enough ground to affect KissAnime. Regardless, when you do visit the KissAnime website, you will see a notice saying that the “website will be closed forever,” along with an offer of thanks for fans’ years of support.


What It Means for the Anime Community

Implications on Anime Community
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There are two sides to the KissAnime coin. On one hand, that site paved the way for the success of anime in mainstream culture worldwide. On the other hand, you can argue that it does not directly contribute to the lives of anime workers.

By using KissAnime and KissAnime alternatives, people enjoy stolen content. The materials on the platform are not for educational purposes only, as the sites do make a profit out of each view. Full of ads, KissAnime also lifts translations from hard-working individuals, and these people do not see even a penny to their name from KissAnime.

However, people can also argue that KissAnime provides a platform for the masses. Not everyone can afford a long-term subscription to legal anime streaming, so sites like KissAnime bridge this gap between artist and audience.

Of course, the KissAnime experience was never a perfect one. It had viruses almost everywhere, and you had to be very careful about where you clicked. Some ads had themes too mature for some anime audiences, and some were just disasters waiting to happen.

All in all, the anime industry both benefits and loses from the shutting down of KissAnime. This is why people find it prudent to search for the next KissAnime.


15 Best KissAnime Alternatives to Watch Anime for Free


Screenshot from Anime Lab


The first on the list of KissAnime alternatives is AnimeLab. This streaming platform’s major difference from KissAnime is that it is legal, so there are fewer chances of the site shutting down out of nowhere.

Like KissAnime, AnimeLab has an impressive collection of anime genres. In fact, it has one of the largest collections of anime online. We kid you not: its categories have subcategories, and it adds new shows every week. These are added on top of the thousands of shows they already have.

This platform is also quite user-friendly. It displays the number of episodes, ratings, and languages available for each show. For anime newbies, AnimeLab guides you through each new show or movie you discover. It is also low-maintenance: you do not need to register to use the website.

The site is exclusive to otakus in Australia and New Zealand. Thus, you will need to use a VPN to access AnimeLab. Robots.net has a brief rundown of one of the most popular VPN platforms, Express VPN, should you want to check that out.

Once you have access to the site, you have access to it from everywhere. AnimeLab is compatible with Android, iOS, Chromecast, and even on your gaming consoles.

Go to AnimeLab

9 Anime

Screenshot from 9 Anime


Another KissAnime alternative is 9 Anime, which has over 20,000 shows available to watch for free. Compared to AnimeLab, 9 Anime is a more grassroots anime streaming service. It has a trending tab and is open to anime requests from audiences. This platform is more of a reflection of its community, and not the other way around.

9 Anime also has scheduled uploads, so that you do not have to worry about keeping track of your favorite shows. The site keeps you in the loop without you trying. The best part of it all: almost all shows are available for HD streaming.

Also, whether the anime you watch is old or new, 9 Anime will have space for you. With a simple search, you can have access to its repository of “old” animes.

The downside of this platform is that not all shows are subbed or dubbed. Should you be scared of committing to a show that might not be understandable for you, you can simply check their list of subbed and dubbed shows.

Go to 9 Anime


Anime Planet
Screenshot from Anime Planet


Anime-Planet also provides new and old anime in HD. KissAnime alternatives like this are helpful because of its large collection of anime. Moreover, it sorts its anime in different ways.

The website has sections for their popular, newest, subbed, and dubbed animes. The popular and newest anime sections are updated weekly. This makes browsing easier for people seeking different types of anime for different reasons.

Anime-Planet can also filter its shows by genre. As you saw above, KissAnime thrived on its diverse offerings. Anime-Planet is capable of doing the same. Although, as with KissAnime, scrolling through Anime-Planet can be a hazard for your gadgets. Ads and pop-ups fill the website, but being careful around them should not be new to you if you were already an avid KissAnime user.

You can sign up for an account if you want to, but this is not required. Signing up does have benefits, though, like watch list creation and anime recommendations.

Go to Anime Planet


Anime Frenzy
Screenshot from Anime Frenzy


AnimeFrenzy is one of the KissAnime alternatives that cater to the diverse interests of anime fans worldwide. It has the latest animes, and these are added every day. While it shares the same features with the sites mentioned above, it does have standouts.

First, AnimeFrenzy has a randomizer button. We have all been there: scrolling through too many shows that you start feeling numb, not knowing which shows to watch. With a press of this button, you get recommended an anime for you to explore.

Next, the site also has American cartoons. For anyone who is a fan of all forms of animation, AnimeFrenzy has everything you need in one accessible platform.

Last, you can download AnimeFrenzy from the Play Store. No need to go through the grueling process of turning your laptop on and off when you are excited about a new release.

Go to Anime Frenzy


Screenshot from Crunchyroll


If you are a hardcore otaku, you have heard of Crunchyroll. This site is advertised everywhere, especially on YouTube. It is a subscription service that is also one of the best KissAnime alternatives.

Crunchyroll is a tried-and-tested anime platform used by people since 2006. If anything, KissAnime is an alternative to Crunchyroll. With its shows available in many languages and in dozens of categories, Crunchyroll provides thousands of hours worth of anime.

All anime are legally acquired and can be watched in HD. For people who do not speak either English or Japanese, Crunchyroll has five other languages for you to choose from. These languages are Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Italian, and Russian.

For the full Crunchyroll experience, you may have to subscribe. Note that doing this gives you access to Crunchyroll on all your devices, including your gaming consoles and Roku.

Go to Crunchyroll


Screenshot from Chia-Anime


One of the simpler KissAnime alternatives is Chia-Anime. It does not have added features that make it different from KissAnime, but it ticks all the boxes you have for anime streaming.

Like KissAnime, Chia Anime is a platform for anime and manga. otakus can access these by visiting their website, where you will see the latest releases plastered on the home page.

Most if not all shows are subbed or dubbed, catering to an international audience. Chia-Anime is a lesser-known alternative to Kissanime, but it is just as effective as the beloved platform.

Go to Chia-Anime


Screenshot from Animedao


Another simple alternative to KissAnime is Animedao. On this platform, you can access a lot of anime, old or new. It also has feature anime movies, because sometimes our favorite shows create the best hours-long adventures.

As with KissAnime, Animedao also delivers as much manga as you can think of. This will make it easy for you to switch from anime to manga since it will all be in one convenient platform.

This site also displays upcoming releases and accommodates anime requests from its audience. By doing this, they get a feel of what you want. Most of the time, they deliver. This is one of the best KissAnime Alternatives for you online.

Go to Animedao


Screenshot from GogoAnime


GogoAnime is another good option for you. It caters to otakus young and old as it has both ongoing and finished anime shows. To get to the meat of the new ones, however, you simply have to check out their “new season” section.

Other than this, GoGoAnime delivers the standard free streaming experience. It is one of the simpler KissAnime alternatives that do not complicate your watch sessions—get straight to binging your favorite shows immediately.

Go to GogoAnime

Anime Tosho

Anime Tosho
Screenshot from Anime Tosho


Anime Tosho is also one of the best KissAnime alternatives almost all of us have access to, but it differs greatly from KissAnime because it is exclusive to torrenting anime.

With a platform like this, it is easy to find the anime that caters to you. Its wide variety makes it possible for you to find anime in your preferred language when using subs and dubs.

Before you get to watching, you need to have access to a torrent client and you need to know how to torrent. Fortunately, we have a beginners’ guide to downloading torrents and a list of other websites to download anime.

Go to Anime Tosho

Anime Karma

Anime Karma
Screenshot from Anime Karma

Anime Karma serves more or less the same things as KissAnime. By visiting their site, you will see that they have a large collection of shows and movies for you to watch in HD.

They organize these using the usual categories: by genre, year released, and quality. Best yet, this site is available anywhere, making it one of the more satisfactory KissAnime alternatives on this list.

Note that in free anime streaming websites like this, pop-ups and ads are not avoidable. Also, the shows here will only have one server link. There are not a lot of choices in that aspect.

Go to Anime Karma



Screenshot from HorribleSubs


For streaming and downloading, you can visit the relatively new website HorribleSubs. Do not let the name mislead you: on the site, you can stream as much HD anime as you want. What makes this site stand out is that it can also serve as a downloading platform. Still, it is best to be cautious when doing this. The site does have the pop-ups and ads you experienced in KissAnime.

All in all, this is another great example of KissAnime alternatives.

Go to HorribleSubs


Screenshot from Aniwatcher


Aniwatcher provides the KissAnime experience as well. It has almost all the anime you want, and if you cannot think of anything to watch, the site will have recommendations ready for you—whether you sign up or not.

Just in case you were wondering: it has subbed and dubbed anime available. Since your viewing preferences may change, Aniwatcher has a way to support that.

Go to Aniwatcher


Anime Heaven
Screenshot from AnimeHeaven


At this point in the list, almost all the best KissAnime alternatives offer the same features. AnimeHeaven is another one of these streaming platforms.

On the site, you can keep track of anime’s latest releases following their Japan-time release. Moreover, you can stream subbed or dubbed anime in HD. You will not look for anything else at this point, as this has all the basics covered.

Go to AnimeHeaven


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One of the best KissAnime alternatives owned by a well-known company is Funimation. Ran by Sony, Funimation serves high-quality dubbed anime to its subscribers, with no limit to streaming. Like Crunchyroll, you will have to pay for this service, but you can get a free trial. To explore more options, you can debate the merits of Crunchyroll vs. Funimation to find the best service for you.

It has the most popular shows in its collection, like Hunter X Hunter, My Hero Academia, and so much more. As you may expect, their collection is up to date, so there is no need to look for other streaming platforms for the latest releases.

However, you may need to access the platform through a VPN, since it is available in select territories only. If you live in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand, you do not have to bother with a VPN. Should you consider getting one, here is a list of the best VPNs for high-speed streaming.

Go to Funimation


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If you do not want to struggle with pop-ups and unwanted advertisements, you can try accessing your favorite anime on Netflix. Chances are, you have already accessed the platform multiple times, so it will not be hard to skim the website.

The anime on Netflix, admittedly, is not a large collection. However, almost all the important anime you are looking for is on the site. You can watch them subbed or dubbed, and can even access Netflix originals like Castlevania.

Streaming on Netflix gives you the chance to watch your shows in peace and in HD. No need to avoid clicking on the wrong things or accessing the wrong servers.

Netflix is a reliable site open to change. So if your favorite show is not on there yet, it is most likely on its way. Its collection of anime grows every month.

Go to Netflix

Final Word

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Robots.net does not condone piracy. This article is for educational purposes only, shining a light on the changes brought by websites like KissAnime to the internet.

KissAnime ushered in a massive era for the online streaming of anime. It brought anime to the households of many people that did not have access to the art form. While it will be missed on the internet, there are at least 16 KissAnime alternatives that people can use.

Anime culture changes every day, and the online community will continue to reflect that.

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