15 Sites To Download Anime In 2019 (100% Working)

Living life on the go means we don’t always have time for our past times, including anime. This means to watch our favorite shows, we have to download anime for later. Time for you to stop worrying as the staff of Robots.net have done your homework for you. Here are the top 15 websites you can download anime from.

If you’re looking to download videos without software or a guide on how to download movies, we can help you out.


But First, A Disclaimer

This post is meant to be purely informational. The crew of Robots.net do not approve of, nor condone, the act of piracy. Please get your anime legally.


Premium Download Sites

While these websites and streaming platforms require a subscription, their content is worth the trouble of paying for. Check out these premium sites you can download anime from.


Amazon Prime Videos

Amazon Prime and anime. Two words you probably thought don’t go together
Photo by Paul Sheehan via goldderby.com


Retail king Amazon jumped onto the streaming bandwagon with its Prime videos. While their anime catalog is still small, it is growing. To download and watch their anime offerings, you need to be an Amazon Fire Tablet or have the Prime Video App. Sign up for this awesome video streaming service today to enjoy your favorite shows and movies!



FunimationNow brings anime to your mobile device
Photo taken from play.google.com


Anime streaming and distribution site Funimation has always been one of the leading figures in anime, especially in the US. Now we can add anime downloads to their mix of services. In December of 2018, Funimation launched their FunimationNow app.

The FunimationNow app allows premium subscribers to download their favorite anime for offline viewing. Alas, however, as this feature is currently only available to mobile users on iOS and Android. Time to grab my phone and get this downloaded.



Crunchyroll IS anime.
Photo by Nick Valdez via Comicbook.com


Another one of the anime giants in the US, Crunchyroll made its foray into the world of downloads. The company allows downloading anime episodes via the VRV app.

Like Funimation, the VRV app is only available for Crunchyroll subscribers and is only available for iOS and Android. Another caveat is that VRV is only available in the US.

If you’re on the fence about who to choose between the top two anime streams, we can help you out. We have an article pitting Crunchyroll VS Funimation to see which service is better.



Hulu scratches your anime fix
Photo by Treye Green via nypost.com


American streaming platform Hulu is still building its anime library but their anime download offerings are already impressive. Subscribers download their videos onto their mobile device and watch them for a set period of time. The only other downside is that not all of their videos are available for download.



Y’all got some more of that anime? Netflix does
Photo by Nellie Andreeva via deadline.com


You can download anime from Netflix as well! The streaming titan allows downloading to mobile devices and computers via their Netflix App. Their anime catalog is small, but with the company partnering with animation studios in Japan, I have no doubt they will soon have fresh content for anime fans.



Download Anime For Free At These Sites

Now that we’re done with the premium sites, let’s take a look at a few websites to get your free anime downloads. Get ready to download, anime fans!



KissAnime. For all your anime needs
Photo taken from Youtube.com


Thought by many to be the king of free anime, Kissanime also figures on this list. The streaming website features a download option on their site for their anime. Unable to download the anime you want? Kissanime allows you to choose what download channel to use.

Overall, Kissanime is not only a great place to stream. It’s also tops when it comes to the download anime game.



Chia-anime knows what you need: Anime
Photo taken from Chia-Anime.tv


Chia-anime is another top site to get your anime downloads from. The website has a large download library to choose your anime from and multiple channels to watch and download anime from.

Each anime can be downloaded as an MP4 file. Downloaded files are compatible with nearly every phone, computer or mobile device. Need anime? Chia-anime should be one of your stops.



Go go go with Gogoanime
Photo taken from gogoanime.digital


In a sea of anime streaming sites, Gogoanime is one that stands out. Good web design married to a decent anime catalog spells a win for anime fans. Just like Chia-Anime and Kissanime, this streaming site lets you download anime to your computer or mobile device.

Gogoanime also has a mobile app, making downloads for mobile users easier.



Here comes 9anime with more content than you can shake a stick at!
Photo taken from 9animes.ru


Clean and neat web design? Check. Versatile web player with lots of useful options? Check. A great library of anime that’s ripe for download? Where do I sign up? In a nutshell, 9Anime is a space to watch if you want to download anime. Want the most popular anime of the season? They have it. Looking for fresh new anime? 9Anime. Looking for the classics? 9Anime it is!



Anime Freak gets your anime freak on
Photo by Adam Guinn via userlogos.org


AnimeFreak usually isn’t on anyone’s radar for anime downloads because it’s filled with ads. Their content is pretty good, however, and they have a few exclusive anime available for download. Their website is also mobile-friendly. A bit of good news for people mostly on their mobile devices.

Don’t sleep on AnimeFreaks, especially if you’ve got that anime itch.



Torrent Sites

Torrent files allow people to share their files with others over a large network, usually spread out over the internet. Torrenting allows people to connect with others and share data, but to do this, you’ll need a Torrent Client. Let’s browse through a few sites that let you download anime via torrents.



Download all theh anime at Nyaa.si
Photo by Haider Ali Khan via thehackpost.org


Nyaa.Si sits at the top of the heap when it comes to torrents that let you download anime. It has a user-friendly interface and a large library of anime, manga, music, games, and movies.

Be sure to check your downloads, as almost all their anime downloads are in their original Japanese language. Take a look at the torrent tags to find out if the anime is translated and subtitled.



HorribleSubs.Info has the cure for your anime thirst
Photo taken from dreamstime.com


Back with another entry in the top 10 anime torrents of the year, Horriblesubs.info cracks our list today. Good web design goes hand in hand with a well-stocked catalog of anime here. They added genre filters to make searching for anime an easy experience.

Horriblesubs.info also offers these downloads in different video qualities. This is so that users with slower internet connections can still download anime.



LimeTorrent doesn’t just have anime. It’s got the world.
Photo taken From socialfish.org


One of the most active torrent sites on the internet, Limetorrents.info isn’t just an anime download site. Users come to the site for movies, software and TV dramas. The user interface is simple and well done, and the search function is easy to use. I am definitely adding this site to my go-to sites when I need an anime fix.


The Pirate Bay

Anime, Music, games, books. Pirate Bay has it all for you
Photo by Ira Sharma via doncaprio.com


Arguably the biggest torrent index on the web today, The Pirate Bay also houses a massive library of content. Filled not just with anime but with games, books, movies and other media, The PirateBay is a delight to go through.

With zero ads to bother users and a clean, simple interface, you can’t go wrong with The Pirate Bay.


Shana Project

Shana Project is your dedicated anime torrent place
Photo taken from Jihosoft.com


If you’re looking for a torrent index dedicated solely to manga and anime, then you’ve come to the right place. Shana Project brings you anime and manga content from a to z. The site has a convenient search bar for use. The site’s front page displays the newest and most popular downloads.

And there you have it, anime addicts, the best places to get download anime! Go ahead and get cracking!

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