Top 10 Industrial Internet of Things Solutions In 2022

Best Industrial Internet of Things Solutions

Everyone knows about Internet of Things, but it’s subset, Industrial Internet of things has been promising and has been driving operational efficiencies through the world of manufacturing and industrial processes, in fact, it had leveraged the productivity, scalability and cost-effectiveness of most companies.

Industrial Internet of Things
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What Is Industrial Internet of Things?

The Industrial Internet of Things (iiot) or industrial internet brings together brilliant machines, advanced analytics and people at work. It takes advantage of the power of machine embedded with artificial intelligence and machine learning. It also uses smart sensors and actuators to enhance the processes in industrial and manufacturing.

IioT is transforming the industry. It’s the network of a multitude of industrial devices connected by communication technologies that results in a system that can collect, monitor, analyze and deliver valuable data that can be used to drive business decisions faster and more accurately. Connected sensors and actuators enable companies to pick up on inefficiencies and problem sooner. It also saves time and money in addition supporting business intelligence efforts.

IioT in manufacturing holds great potential for quality control, sustainable and green practices, supply chain traceability and overall supply chain efficiency. IioT in industrial setting, is the key to processes such as predictive maintenance, enhance field service, energy management and asset tracking.


How Industrial Internet of Things Works

Industrial Internet of Things is a network of intelligent devices connected to create a system that monitor, collect, and exchange data. Each IioT ecosystem includes intelligent assets that can sense, store and communicate information about themselves, public and/or private data communications infrastructure, analytics and applications that generate business information from raw data and people.


IoT vs IIoT

Internet of Things applications can be used across different industries such as healthcare, agriculture, enterprise, consumer and utilities, as well as government and cities. IoT devices include smart appliances, fitness bands and other devices that don’t create emergency situations if something goes wrong.

On the other hand, Industrial Internet of Things connect machines and device in industries such us utilities and manufacturing, oil and gas. If IioT devices face system downtime and failures, it can result in high-risk situations or even life-threatening situations. 


Industrial Internet of Things Solutions and Applications


Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is an effective solution to avoid downtime in manufacturing and production line. With smart sensors, machines can now be continuously monitored and critical issues can be detected before the system is completely down.

Performance improvements can be calculated and implemented that’s why maintenance engineers can analyze data and plan for scheduled maintenance effectively without affecting routine task.


Smart Robotics

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Man machine interface design concept can help reduce the complexity of operation and can improve productivity. Robots can be programmed to perform complex tasks and if embedded with high-end sensors, it can produce real-time analysis. 

Smart robotics also ensures smooth handling of tools and materials in the manufacturing line. Because of its precise accuracy and efficiency, many companies are now developing intelligent robotics system for industrial internet enabled factories.


Smart Logistics Management

Logistics is one of the most important areas in many industries. This is why this area needs continuous improvements to support its increasing demands. Smart sensor in iiot is the perfect solution to many of the complex logistics operations and manage goods efficiently.

Advanced technologies like drones offer better efficiency, accessibility, speed and require less manpower. Retail giants like Amazon use this kind of industrial iot to deliver goods to their customers. 

In the airline industry, smart sensors continuously monitor airplane’s machineries, collect and send data real-time to the airplane manufacturer. 


Industrial Automation

Robotics In Manufacturing
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One of the most significant and common application of Industrial Internet of Things is industrial automation. Automation of tools and machines enables companies to efficiently operate with he use of sophisticated software to monitor and make improvements for its next process.

Industrial automation improves accuracy, efficiency, reduces errors in production, easy to control and can be easily accessed via applications. Machine can operate in harsh environments compared to humans. Automation of machine and tools reduces manpower requirement especially for tedious and specific tasks.

Connected factories concept is also an industrial automation. This iiot is an effective solution for improvements in all areas of operations. The concept includes major components such as machines, tools and sesnors will be all connected in a network for easier management and access.

With the use of Industrial Internet of Things solution, overview of process flow, monitor down time, status checking of inventory, shipment, schedule maintenance and stop or pause of a particular process for further analysis can be done remotely.


Software Integration For Product Optimization

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One of the most important component of any IoT is smart analytics solution, which further enhances the possibilities of any system for improvement and optimization. 

The detailed analysis of data gathered and the understanding of the behavior over time gives much better overview of process improvement strategies for product optimization. Before iiot, analysis of huge amount of data was hard, inaccurate and time consuming.


Integration Of Smart Tools And Wearables

One of industrial internet solutions is the integration of smart sensors to tools, machines and wearables. This enables the workforce to perform tasks with improved accuracy and efficiency. Wearables, such as smart glass, helps employees to reduce errors and improve safety especially on dangerous work environment.

Smart wearables can trigger instant warning messages to employees during emergency situations. It can also monitor health of every individual continuously and give feedback if not fit to work for a particular task.


Power Management

Industrial Internet of Things offer better solution on power management across industries. More and more companies are adapting this iiot to support sustainable manufacturing and production. It is an efficient way to save energy and at the same time help improve production. A great initiative to help conserve energy and help the environment.


Enhanced Quality And Security

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Security and product quality are among the major problems of different industries. But because of the introduction of Internet of things in manufacturing, product quality and security can be enhanced. It also decrease the amount of time in production.

Product quality is enhanced by continuous monitoring and analysis of each manufacturing stages. Iiot ensures better quality by improving process steps. 


Autonomous Vehicles

Self-Driving Cars
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In the automotive industries, industrial internet enables self-driving vehicles to supply goods and logistics management within the premises of the company. 

These type of vehicles are equipped with smart sensors that detect location data using GPS and wireless technologies. This is also a solution for more efficient deliveries. 


Smart Package Management

Package management can be a tedious job and is in need of manpower. But if integrated with iiot, it can give a lot of convenience and efficiency in manufacturing team and units. Smart sensors can monitor every stages of packaging and give updates in real-time manner. I can also detect vibrations, atmospheric conditions like temperature and humidity, giving feedback if something goes wrong in storage or transit.


Final Thoughts On Industrial Internet of Things

In conclusion, Industrial Internet of Things can help solve problems in existing industries. It improves processes, management, cost effectiveness and over efficiency. Future industries can take advantage of the power of iiot for product optimization by analyzing big data from thousands of tine sensors. Industrial Internet of Things is a technology growing rapidly with unlimited possibilities for future industries, logistics,  and improvement of manufacturing units.

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