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How to Download Torrents: A Beginner’s Guide

People nowadays want to have the latest forms of media at the palm of their hands. Whether it be the latest songs, movies, games and other forms of media, people want to own it as soon as possible. Now, these items will sell online through shops or media platforms. But, subscribing to media platforms may be expensive that’s why torrents are very popular.  But what exactly are they and how to download torrents without damaging anything? Many people are currently using torrents as a way to download many forms of media. Due to this, they have been controversial because of how it promotes piracy. Potential users of torrents should be vigilant when downloading their desired files.

Some of these files contain dangerous viruses that will harm your computer. Some of these malicious torrents are active even on reliable sites. Yet, even after all the negativity on torrents, it is still a popular way to download files online. Before discussing how to download torrents, users should be familiar with basic terminologies. Also, they should be knowledgeable about the necessities when it comes to torrents.



How To Download Torrents and Basic Terminologies


Before you start downloading torrents, here are a few terminologies:

Torrent is a file type that circulates via a peer-to-peer file-sharing client. Torrents are available through many servers, unlike regular files. This makes downloads faster and smoother. Torrents contain the details of the main files that you are downloading.

Torrent client is a program that allows you to download torrents through a peer-to-peer system. How to download torrents you may ask? Well, you first need to download the file from a website. Then, you launch it via the client program that you’ve chosen.

Seeders are torrent users who have the complete file that you want to download. They share these files through peer-to-peer platforms which you leech from when downloading.

Leechers are individuals who are currently downloading the same file. If they outnumber the seeders then the process becomes longer.

Peers are individuals who currently own the file but not the entirety of it.

Proxy servers allow requests from other clients for files or data from other servers. Torrent proxies encrypt your connection and your legitimate IP address remains anonymous. This protects your IP address from possible attacks that target your connection.

Virtual private networks or VPN encrypts your whole internet connection. This allows your computer to access blocked sites that you won’t have access to. The only drawback to VPNs are they are usually sold at a price.

TOR or The Onion Router browsers allow you to search the internet while hiding your IP address.

After discussing basic terminologies, let us now discuss what are some torrent necessities.

However, if you want a torrenting alternative you can sign up for a video streaming service!


Software Necessities


You might need a VPN client when accessing forbidden torrent sites
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First, you’ll need a stable and capable internet connection. Many internet service providers offer faster and more reliable connections than before. This is crucial as it will allow your torrent to download smoother.

Then, you need either a proxy or a VPN to access torrent websites. Torrent sites have received backlash and most countries have prohibited access to these. Having a VPN service on stand by allows your connection to access these websites.

After that, you’ll need a client to process your torrent file downloads. There are many available clients that you can find on the internet. Some of these are free while others are being sold online with different packages. One example of a client that offers both free and paid services is BitTorrent. Their free version comes with ads but paid versions offer new features. These features include the removal of ads, malware protection, and VPN services.

Speaking of malware protection, having an anti-virus software on-hand is essential. Some torrent files contain malicious software that will harm your computer. It is better to run a complete scan of these files after downloading them.

Finally, you’ll need to know what websites should you go to for torrents. Different websites offer torrents more than others. Some offer more movies while others can have more games in their catalog. Knowing where to look helps you to get what you want.



How To Download Torrents


First is to go to a torrent website of choice and look for the file you are looking for. Whether it’s a game, a movie or a whole album, you’ll first need to download the torrent file of the content.

One of the most popular websites for torrents is the Pirate Bay but there are other reliable ones as well. But, you might need to use a VPN or even a TOR browser to access them. This is due to several countries forbidding access to Torrent sites because of piracy and security issues.


How to download torrents from website?
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If you’re looking for some websites you can download torrents from here are a few: 

Be mindful that these sites might be blocked in your country.

Once you have downloaded your desired file, find it and press right-click. Then, choose the open with option and pick your torrent client to start downloading. Once the download is commencing, you can see how fast will the download take. You can also see the total size of the file you are downloading.


How to download torrents properly? First, you’ll need a download client!
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Also, the number of seeders and leechers are indicated by your client.

Then, after completing your download it is better to scan the files for any malicious content.

There you go, now you can enjoy the latest movies, games, and songs without paying for anything.



Final Thoughts & Disclaimer


Our website does not condone or promote piracy in any way shape or form. Torrents have more uses other than downloading pirated forms of media. It is a great way to download large files from the internet.

But, you should be vigilant when downloading torrents to protect yourself from harm. Another thing is before downloading, make sure that the ratio of seeders and leechers are favorable.

Finally, check beforehand if the torrent that you are about to download is legitimate.

If you are looking to download movies using other methods, we have a handy guide for you. We also have a how-to download music guide if you want to learn about other methods.

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