World Robot Declaration Issued by Japan

The International Robot Fair 2004 started off with a “World Robot Declaration” yesterday. The declaration states three specific expectations that future robots must meet and declares 5 resolutions on what must be done to bring the next generation of robots into existence. It puts into words the Simak-like Japanese philosophy towards robots that we’ve been aware of in a general sense for years. Basically, robots will be the companions of the human race and assist humans physically and psychologically while helping to keep the world safe and peaceful. The full text of the declaration is included below.

Confident of the future development of robot technology and of the numerous contributions that robots will make to Humankind, this World Robot Declaration is issued on February 25, 2004 from Fukuoka, Japan.

I. Expectations for next-generation robots
1. Next-generation robots will be partners that coexist with human beings
2. Next-generation robots will assist human beings both physically and psychologically
3. Next-generation robots will contribute to the realisation of a safe and peaceful society

II. Toward the creation of new markets through next-generation robot technology
1. Resolution of technical issues through the effective use of Special Zones for Robot Development and Test
2. Promotion of public acceptability of robots through the establishment of standards and upgrading of the environment
3. Stimulation of adoption through promotion of introduction of robots by public organisations
4. Dissemination of new technologies related to robots
5. Promotion of the development of robot technology by small enterprises, and their entry into the robot business. The government and academia shall provide active support for such efforts.

Source: Belga Direct Press Releases

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