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One Inch Robots with Piezo Locomotion

One Inch Robots with Piezo Locomotion

Yahoo has some interesting photos from the Exhibition MicroMachine 2003. This 14th International Trade show for Micro/MEMS & Nano Technologies in Japan is currently running from November 12th – 14th (this week).

The photos show small one inch by one inch robots that use piezo elements for micro locomotion. The little robots also have tiny tools that they can use such as a micro hammer, micro grater, dust capturing probe, etc.

Electromagnets on the tiny robot’s feet let them lock down to metal surfaces. The robots were created by University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo Japan. I wish I could go to the trade show and see all the cool little robots! Of course, seeing these cute little robots makes me want to go get some piezo elements, an 8pin 12C509 pic and some watch batteries and make one too.

Yeah neat stuff, posted 14 Nov 2003 at 20:25 UTC by earlwb »

Yeah it’s great stuff, makes me drool…:) Anyway, I wish someone had pics of the Japanese Maze competition with the tiny 1 cubic centimetre robots class that they ran. I think it would give everyone a new perspective on tiny robots.

I have pics of one that the Italians or Swiss ran in the 1cc class in Japan, but I would love to see what else ran in that size too. Videos would be fabulous. 🙂

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