Venus Williams Launches Palazzo: A New Generative AI-Powered Interior Design Platform


If you didn’t know legendary tennis player and seven-time Grand Slam winner Venus Williams had an eye for interior design, consider this your heads up. It’s been 22 years since she founded her interior design firm V Starr Interiors, and now Williams is entering the generative AI space with a new platform called Palazzo, which creates design ideas to help inspire people looking to revive their space.

Key Takeaway

Palazzo, a new generative AI-powered platform, has been launched by Venus Williams, offering users the ability to create inspiring interior design ideas for their spaces.

Revolutionizing Interior Design with AI

Palazzo officially launched today and is available on the web. The company has plans to develop iOS and Android apps in the near future. When users open the platform, they’re prompted to upload photos of the room they want to design, and Vinci, an AI-powered assistant, will generate an edited photo of the room. The AI analyzes the users’ input, so if they ask for a Mid-century modern look, Vinci will churn out renderings with furniture, decor and color combinations that align with that style.

Personalized Design Experience

Users can also upload an inspiration photo alongside their image, giving Vinci a better idea of what they want. They can enter multiple ideas and requests, instructing the AI to remove a couch from the design or change the wallpaper. As the user continues working with Vinci, they will learn their style and produce renderings that more closely fit their vision.

Accessible and Affordable

The number of free iterations that users can create is limited. Users only get 10 or so chances to make tweaks at no additional cost. Palazzo sells four different bundles, starting with $5 for 20 credits, $20 for 100, $40 for 250 and $75 for 500. Additionally, a referral program gives users 5 tokens every time someone is referred to the platform and makes an account.

Future Plans and Expansion

Palazzo has ambitious plans for its platform and wants to expand beyond generative AI-powered offerings. This includes shopping and checkout features, “enabling people to buy [similar] furniture and home decor from within the image that they create for themselves,” Holzer reveals. The company will bring on retail partners to include inventory on the platform for Vinci to suggest to potential customers. The capability is rolling out soon.

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