Former Twitter Engineers Launch Particle, An AI-Powered News Reader


A team of former Twitter engineers has introduced, a new startup that aims to revolutionize the way people consume news using artificial intelligence. The platform, which recently entered private beta, offers a personalized news reading experience that leverages AI to provide multi-perspective news summaries while ensuring fair compensation for authors and publishers.

Key Takeaway, founded by former Twitter engineers, is introducing an AI-powered news reader that offers multi-perspective news summaries while aiming to address concerns about the impact of AI on the news ecosystem.

Concerns and Business Model

There are growing concerns about the impact of AI on the news ecosystem, particularly in terms of potentially reducing traffic to publishers’ websites and affecting their advertising revenue. While Particle has not disclosed its business model, the timing of its launch is significant given these concerns.

Founders and Vision

Particle was founded by Sara Beykpour, a former Senior Director of Product Management at Twitter, and Marcel Molina, a former senior engineer at both Twitter and Tesla. Beykpour expressed the vision behind Particle, emphasizing the need to use AI to transform the way people interact with news, offering quick, bulleted summaries sourced from various sources.

Investment and Support

The venture-backed startup has received funding from Kindred Ventures, Adverb Ventures, and notable angel investors, including Twitter and Medium co-founder Ev Williams and Behance founder Scott Belsky. Belsky praised Particle for its ability to synthesize multiple news angles objectively, highlighting its potential in the era of AI-driven news abstraction.

Technology and Future Plans

Particle offers a demo of its technology on its website, featuring articles with summaries and timestamps. The startup intends to launch a mobile app in the future and is currently hiring for a Senior iOS Engineer. It aims to differentiate itself by leveraging a variety of news sources and the expertise of its founding team.

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