Particle: The AI-Powered News Reader Backed By $4.4M


A team of former Twitter engineers is revolutionizing the news reading experience with, an AI-powered news reader that has recently entered private beta. The startup has secured $4.4 million in seed funding from Kindred Ventures, Adverb Ventures, and notable angel investors, including Twitter and Medium co-founder Ev Williams and Behance founder Scott Belsky.

Key Takeaway, founded by former Twitter engineers, is introducing an AI-powered news reader that aims to transform the way people interact with news, but concerns about its impact on publishers’ revenue remain.

Revolutionizing News Reading with AI aims to provide a personalized, “multi-perspective” news reading experience by leveraging AI to summarize news from various sources. The platform not only offers quick, bulleted summaries of news stories but also allows users to delve deeper into the unfolding of a story over time.

Concerns and Considerations

However, the impact of AI-summarized news on publishers’ website traffic and advertising revenue is a growing concern. The startup has yet to disclose its business model, raising questions about how it plans to fairly compensate authors and publishers.

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