Figure Secures $675 Million In Series B Funding, Valued At $2.6 Billion


Today, Figure has confirmed the rumors of its substantial fundraising efforts, announcing a $675 million Series B funding round. This has resulted in the company being valued at an impressive $2.6 billion post-money. The investment comes from a notable lineup of investors, including Microsoft, OpenAI Startup Fund, Nvidia, Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund, Jeff Bezos (through Bezos Expeditions), Parkway Venture Capital, Intel Capital, Align Ventures, and ARK Invest.

Key Takeaway

Figure secures a substantial $675 million in Series B funding, propelling its valuation to $2.6 billion. The company’s strategic partnerships and focus on humanoid robot development position it as a key player in the evolving robotics industry.

Impressive Backing

The significant investment from a range of influential entities underscores the confidence in Figure’s potential. The company, led by founder Brett Adcock, has already demonstrated its capabilities by setting ambitious goals and achieving them. The funding will undoubtedly fuel further growth and development, potentially expanding its current 80-person team.

Robotic Advancements

Figure’s focus on creating a walking bipedal robot within a short timeframe aligns with the current surge of interest in humanoid robots. With examples showcased by prominent companies such as Tesla, Apptronik, and Amazon, the industry is witnessing a pivotal moment. The emphasis on building robots for industrial applications reflects the practical approach adopted by many firms, prioritizing workplace functionality over home deployment.

Partnership with OpenAI

Figure’s recent partnership with OpenAI signifies a strategic move to enhance the capabilities of humanoid robots through advanced AI models. The collaboration aims to develop more natural methods of communication between robots and humans, a crucial aspect for autonomous operation in dynamic environments such as warehouses and factories.

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