Artisse: The Next Generation AI Photo Creation App


Artisse is revolutionizing the world of AI photo creation with its latest app that allows users to generate stunning AI photos of themselves. While competitors like Remini have gained popularity, Artisse sets itself apart by offering a wide range of input and output capabilities, resulting in more realistic and captivating photos. Whether you want to recreate yourself in a fantastical realm or simply enhance your everyday photos, Artisse is here to make it happen.

Key Takeaway

Artisse is an AI photo creation app that allows users to generate stunning and realistic photos of themselves. With enhanced input options and a focus on inclusivity, Artisse aims to make perfect personal photography accessible to everyone.

Enhanced Input Options for Stunning AI Photos

With Artisse, users are required to upload 15 images of themselves to train the AI on their unique features. Once the upload is complete, users have the flexibility to generate AI photos through either a text prompt or an image prompt. If you choose the latter option, you can either select from a template or upload your own reference photo, allowing you to capture yourself in different settings, postures, and styles. Templates can be modified, giving you complete control over the final result.

Unlike other AI photo apps, Artisse boasts its own property model, utilizing the best practices and elements from existing open source models and tools. This ensures that the generated photos are not only realistic but also tailored to your preferences and desired style.

Challenges and Future Improvements

As with any AI photo app, Artisse faces challenges in terms of diversity, particularly in body shape and skin tones. The team acknowledges the shortcomings of previous apps in this area and is committed to making Artisse more inclusive and representative. They aim to provide a seamless experience for users of all backgrounds, ensuring that everyone can create perfect photos of themselves, regardless of their situation or level of expertise.

Paving the Way for Perfect Personal Photography

Artisse was founded by William Wu, a former investment and strategy professional with a vision to democratize personal photography. Inspired by the prevalence of “perfect” photos on social media platforms and dating profiles, Wu recognized that creating such photos required privilege, time, and expertise that not everyone possessed. With the launch of Artisse, he aims to bridge this gap and make perfect personal photography accessible to all.

While the processing time for selfies and AI training in Artisse is longer compared to other apps, the result speaks for itself. The AI images generated by Artisse exhibit a level of realism and quality that surpasses its competitors. Users can also find inspiration from a wide array of styles, poses, and backgrounds within the app, or upload their own photos for a truly personalized experience.

Artisse: Pricing and Future Plans

Artisse currently offers the first 25 photos for free, with subsequent photos priced at around 20 cents each. In the next release, Artisse plans to introduce a subscription model that includes HD features and sizing options. Additionally, the company offers a comprehensive consulting service for B2B clients, encompassing model selection, image generation, and post-production work.

Artisse is available on both iOS and Android platforms, with plans to expand its reach to the web in the coming month. With a growing user base of approximately 800 million photo-editing app users, Artisse aims to redefine the possibilities of personal photography and inspire creativity among its users.

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