New D-ID App Uses AI To Bring Photos To Life In Videos


D-ID, the Tel Aviv-based startup famous for its AI-powered videos of animated family photos, has introduced a new mobile app that brings its video technology to a wider audience. The Creative Reality Studio, previously available as a web platform, has now been launched as a mobile app that allows users to transform still images into AI-generated videos. The app offers a range of applications, including creating digital versions of oneself, historical figures, fictional characters, presenters, or brand ambassadors.

Key Takeaway

D-ID’s new mobile app allows users to transform still images into AI-generated videos, providing a novel way to bring photos to life. The app offers a variety of features, such as choosing from pre-made digital characters and selecting voice options and speech tones. With its powerful AI technology and user-friendly interface, the D-ID app opens up exciting possibilities for video creation.

Transforming Images into Videos

The D-ID app is available for download from both the App Store and Google Play. Users can choose to use pre-made “digital people” provided by D-ID or upload their own images from their photo library. They can then input the text they want the digital person to say, with options available in 119 languages. Users can also choose between male and female voice options and select the tone of the speech. The app provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for generating videos on the go.

Powerful AI Technology

D-ID relies on a combination of proprietary and open-source AI technologies to power its platforms. The foundation of its technology is a model that generates video frames based on audio input, enabling the creation of high-quality videos. The app’s API allows for video rendering at an impressive 100 frames per second, four times faster than real-time. This makes D-ID’s technology suitable for AI enthusiasts as well as anyone interested in incorporating digital people into their videos. The app offers flexibility and reduces production costs, making video creation accessible to a wider audience.

Ensuring Responsible Use

D-ID is committed to ensuring the responsible use of its AI video technology. To prevent misuse, the company has implemented moderation policies that align with its web version. This includes preventing the creation of deepfakes that spread misinformation and disinformation. D-ID also respects copyright, adheres to AI regulations, and avoids licensing its technology to contentious areas such as political parties, pornography publishers, terrorist organizations, or arms manufacturers.

Expanding Reach with Mobile Launch

The desktop version of Creative Reality Studio has already seen significant traction, with 60,000 new sign-ups per day and over 150 million videos created. By launching the mobile app, D-ID can reach a broader market, including mobile-first and mobile-only users. Existing users can continue using their desktop subscriptions, while new users have the opportunity to explore the app’s capabilities through a 14-day free trial. The app is subscription-based, with plans starting at $5.99 per month.

Despite being headquartered in Tel Aviv, D-ID has a global presence that allows it to continue operations during times of crisis, such as the Israel-Hamas war. The company’s teams around the world are dedicated to providing support and services, with extra diligence from the team in Ukraine in solidarity with the situation in Israel.

Continued AI Development

In addition to its AI video technology, D-ID has been actively involved in other AI development projects. It gained attention with its Deep Nostalgia project, where historical photos of family members were animated, and the spin-off project, LiveStory, which added audio to the animations. D-ID’s commitment to AI innovation extends to creating a photorealistic interface for ChatGPT and advancing its Creative Reality Studio software.

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