Kittl Secures $36 Million In Funding For Browser-Based Design Tool


Just a year after raising $11.6 million, Kittl has successfully secured an additional $36 million in a Series B round. The funding was led by IVP, with some existing investors also participating. This Berlin-based startup has been dedicated to developing a graphic design tool that operates directly within web browsers, eliminating the need for app installations.

Key Takeaway

Kittl’s innovative approach aims to streamline the design process by combining multiple features into a single tool, enabling users to create diverse designs and leverage AI-based functionalities to enhance their workflow.

Competitive Landscape

When considering Kittl’s position in the market, it’s essential to acknowledge its competitors. Adobe, a longstanding player in the industry, offers a range of creative apps, including the renowned Illustrator and Photoshop. On the other hand, Canva has emerged as a challenger to Adobe, providing popular and user-friendly design tools. Notably, Canva is reportedly in the process of raising a substantial $1.5 billion round at a valuation of $26 billion.

Unique Selling Proposition

According to Kittl’s co-founder and CEO, Nicolas Heymann, the platform distinguishes itself from competitors by offering a broader feature set and providing access to the actual graphic file. Heymann emphasized that Kittl aims to cater to the middle market segment, offering a more powerful tool than Canva without the legacy constraints of Adobe’s applications. While Kittl allows free account creation, full access to product features requires a subscription.

Comprehensive Design Capabilities

Kittl’s platform encompasses a wide array of design possibilities, including logo creation, T-shirt designs, cards, and social media posts. Users can leverage an integrated illustration library and a collection of copyright-free photos as starting points. Additionally, Kittl offers an extensive range of design templates, with contributions from users continuously enriching this collection.

AI Integration

Notably, Kittl has incorporated AI-based features, such as an AI background remover and generator, along with a built-in AI image generator. The company leverages various AI models through Stability AI’s or OpenAI’s APIs, in addition to its proprietary in-house technology. This strategic integration aims to empower designers by automating manual tasks and enabling them to focus on refining their graphic files.

Market Traction and Clientele

Kittl has garnered over a million users and is gradually gaining traction among B2B clients. Notably, prominent companies such as Netflix and Warner Bros. have employees utilizing Kittl internally, underscoring its appeal and potential impact in professional settings.

Unbundling Adobe’s Creative Suite

With the emergence of startups like Figma, Canva, and PhotoRoom, it is evident that there is space for innovation in the creative tools sector, challenging Adobe’s dominance. Kittl stands as another contender in the quest to unbundle Adobe’s creative product suite, signaling a potential shift in the industry’s landscape.

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