New Social Networking App BeFake Receives $3M In Funding


Social networking app BeFake, developed by Alias Technologies, has recently raised $3 million in seed funding to create an AI-augmented social network. The app combines concepts from popular Gen Z app BeReal with AI technology, allowing users to snap photos with both the front and back cameras and customize them using AI-powered presets or custom prompts. The aim is to provide a platform for users to express their authentic creativity rather than their total authenticity.

The Founders and their Inspiration

Alias Technologies was founded in 2021 by Kristen Garcia Dumont and Tracy Tracy Lane, both former executives at gaming giant Machine Zone. Dumont, former CEO of Machine Zone, led the development and launch of successful mobile games that grossed over $1 billion. Lane, former COO, handled community, moderation, compliance, and platform partnerships. Their experience in the gaming industry and the connections made between players through AI algorithms inspired the creation of BeFake.

How BeFake Works

Similar to BeReal and Frontback, BeFake allows users to capture front and back photos on their phones. However, instead of real-time posting, BeFake users can input text prompts to turn their photos into AI-augmented visuals. The app offers various style and location prompts, enabling users to create unique AI images of themselves in scenarios they imagine. The app utilizes Stable Diffusion with a custom denoising loop to ensure compatibility with different types of photos, including candids and zoomed-in photos.

Unique Features and User Experience

Unlike other AI apps on the market, BeFake does not require users to upload dozens of selfies to get started. The AI-powered changes are applied to photos in under 30 seconds, making the editing process quick and efficient. Users spend an average of at least 10 minutes per session designing their AI creations. The augmented photos can be shared with friends or in the main discovery feed, where AI creators can build a following. Users can toggle between the normal and AI versions of their photos for added enjoyment.

Rejecting the Authenticity Movement

BeFake’s founders deliberately chose the name “BeFake” to reject the current concept of authenticity in social media. They believe that even BeReal’s users curated their “real” moments, creating an inauthentic experience. The app encourages users to embrace their authentic creativity rather than conforming to societal expectations of authenticity.

Key Takeaway

BeFake, an AI-powered social networking app, has raised $3 million in seed funding to create an AI-augmented social network. The app allows users to customize their photos using AI technology, enabling them to express their authentic creativity. It distinguishes itself from other social networking apps by rejecting the concept of authenticity and encouraging users to embrace their unique creativity.

BeFake, launched on the App Store and Google Play, is seeing triple-digit week-over-week growth since its launch. The app generates revenue through subscriptions, which allow users to pay for additional compute time to create AI images. The founders believe their background in gaming will help them stay relevant, as they prioritize being responsive to their community’s evolving tastes. With $3 million in seed funding led by Khosla Ventures, BeFake is well-positioned to continue growing and innovating in the social networking space.

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