Top Transportation Tech Trends Unveiled At CES 2024


The annual CES 2024 has concluded, showcasing the latest transportation innovations that are set to shape the future. From AI and EVs to automated driving and in-car tech, the event was abuzz with cutting-edge developments. Notably, hydrogen emerged as a key highlight, indicating a potential shift in the industry. Startups and industry leaders also shared their insights, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Key Takeaway

CES 2024 highlighted the dominance of AI, EVs, and automated driving in the transportation sector, while the merger of Dott and Tier signifies a shift in the micromobility space. Additionally, Waymo’s foray into highway testing underscores the rapid evolution of autonomous driving technology.

Micromobility Merger: Dott and Tier Join Forces

In a significant move, leading European micromobility companies Dott and Tier have announced their plans to merge, marking a consolidation in the shared rides sector. As the landscape continues to evolve, the merger aims to streamline operations and drive profitability, amidst challenges faced by similar players in the market.

Waymo’s Highway Endeavor

Waymo, a prominent player in autonomous driving, is gearing up to commence testing its driverless passenger vehicles on highways later this month. This milestone reflects the continued advancements in self-driving technology and its potential impact on the future of transportation.

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