Honda Unveils ‘Thin, Light’ 0 Series EVs At CES 2024


Honda is making a bold move in the electric vehicle space, unveiling its futuristic 0 series EVs at CES 2024. The automaker is challenging the current trend of ‘thick, heavy’ electric vehicles with its new lineup, aiming to create a buzz around its innovative approach.

Key Takeaway

Honda is taking a bold step in the electric vehicle market with its ‘thin, light’ 0 series EVs, challenging the conventional norms and aiming to create a new standard for future electric vehicles.

Teasing the Future

At the CES event, Honda teased two concept vehicles, the Saloon and Space-Hub, and announced that the first commercial model in its 0 series EV lineup will hit the North American market in 2026.

Revolutionary Designs

The first 0 series model, based on the Saloon concept, promises to be a low-slung, roomy, and sporty EV, challenging the traditional norms of electric vehicle design. The van-like Space-Hub concept offers a different, more practical approach.

Challenging the Status Quo

Honda’s executives emphasized that these concepts are “overwhelmingly different from other EVs,” highlighting their commitment to creating vehicles that stand out from the crowd. The company aims to prioritize thin, light, and wise design principles, setting itself apart from the current trend of heavy electric vehicles.

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