Substack Unveils Redesigned Mobile App To Enhance Discoverability And Engagement


Substack, the popular newsletter platform, has announced a major redesign of its mobile app aimed at improving the discovery and engagement experience for its users. The revamped app includes several new features and enhancements that will make it easier for readers to navigate and find content of interest.

Key Takeaway

Substack has unveiled a redesigned mobile app with features that aim to improve discovery and engagement. The app now includes a reading queue, a discovery feed, enhanced inbox functionality, and a focus on social interactions. These updates are part of Substack’s efforts to enhance the user experience and attract more readers and writers to its platform.

The New Home Experience

One of the key updates is the introduction of a redesigned Home experience. The app now boasts a reading queue at the top of the screen, allowing users to effortlessly swipe through posts. This new feature is designed to streamline the browsing process, enabling users to find and consume content with greater ease.

To encourage readers to share posts, Substack has introduced the ability to quickly share them in a note, similar to a tweet, or on other social media platforms. This move is expected to enhance engagement and increase exposure for writers on the platform.

Improved Discoverability

In addition to the Home experience, Substack has introduced a discovery feed that showcases notes and post recommendations. By encouraging writers to share notes, Substack aims to attract more readers and convert them into subscribers. This will not only benefit writers but also provide readers with a more diverse range of content to explore.

Enhancements to the Inbox

Substack has also made changes to its inbox, moving it to the center tab of the app. The updated inbox features filters for saved and audio posts, making it easier for users to locate specific content. The new design allows users to effortlessly save or archive posts by swiping left or right, respectively. Users can also choose between a classic inbox design or a more compact version in their app settings.

Making Substack More Social

With this app redesign, Substack is taking steps towards creating a more social experience for its users. Last month, the platform introduced the ability to follow writers, allowing users to stay updated with their favorite writers without subscribing to their newsletters. This move aligns with Substack’s ambition to become a social network in its own right.

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