Patreon Unveils New Features, App Redesign, And Rebranding


Key Takeaway

Patreon is rolling out new features, a redesigned app, and brand identity, transforming from a paid membership company into a comprehensive platform for creators and their fans. The updates include a Discord-like chat feature, allowing for group conversations, the full launch of the “Commerce” feature for selling digital goods, and the introduction of free fan memberships. The revamped app provides an organized home feed, making it easier for fans to navigate and engage with their favorite creators.

Patreon, the popular platform for supporting creators, is introducing an array of exciting updates, including a redesigned app, innovative features, and a refreshed brand identity. This move aims to provide creators with even more opportunities and enhance the overall user experience. With these changes, Patreon is evolving from its previous role as a paid membership company to a multifaceted platform that offers a range of interactive features and spaces for discussion.

One notable update is the introduction of Patreon’s chat feature, similar to Discord, which provides creators and fans with dedicated spaces for group conversations. This feature encourages fans to discuss content they’ve enjoyed directly on the Patreon platform, departing from the traditional practice of taking these conversations to external platforms like Twitter and TikTok. The chat feature was initially tested with select creators and is now being rolled out to all Patreon creators.

Patreon is also fully launching the “Commerce” feature, which was announced in June. This tool allows creators to sell individual digital goods, such as videos, audio files, and downloadable content, to anyone, whether they are subscribers or not. This offers creators a new way to monetize their content and engage with their audience. Additionally, creators can now offer free fan memberships, providing exclusive content and updates to fans while keeping premium content behind a paywall. This approach encourages fans to become monthly patrons by offering them a taste of what they can access.

Another aspect of the update focuses on member profiles, which display information like bios, profile pictures, and social media links. While some users have expressed concerns about privacy, Patreon assures that member profiles are only visible within shared communities, not to the public. Users have the option to disable their member profile through their settings to maintain privacy.

In addition to these feature updates, Patreon has unveiled a redesigned app that offers an enhanced user experience. The home feed now organizes new posts by creator, allowing fans to easily view a creator’s latest works alongside community conversations and other relevant content. This personalized approach provides fans with a more holistic view of their favorite creators’ activities.

As part of its brand revamp, Patreon has introduced a new logo, wordmark, typography, color scheme, and photography style. These changes align with the company’s mission to challenge conventional brand-building norms and embrace the dynamic creative landscape of today’s digital world.

By expanding its offerings, revamping its app, and reimagining its brand, Patreon is solidifying its position as a comprehensive platform that empowers creators and fosters deeper connections between creators and fans. These updates enhance the user experience, provide new avenues for monetization, and promote meaningful interactions within creative communities.

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