Patreon Launches New Chatroom Feature For Creators And Fans


Patreon, the popular fan membership platform, is launching a new chat feature that allows creators to directly interact with their fanbase in a group message. The feature will initially be available to select creators today and will gradually expand to more users in the coming months.

Key Takeaway

Patreon is introducing a chat feature that allows creators to have direct conversations with their fanbase, providing an alternative to the Discord integration. This new feature aims to give creators more control and provide a simpler in-app solution for fans.

Patreon’s integration with Discord, which automatically adds patrons at specific membership levels to a paywalled Discord server, has been successful. However, not all creators and their communities are familiar with Discord. With this new chat feature, Patreon aims to cater to those creators who prefer an in-app solution without the need for fans to download another app or navigate to a different platform.

Enhancing Creator-Fan Relationships

Patreon’s chat feature may not offer the same level of functionality as Discord, given that Discord is a robust standalone product. Initially, creators will be able to create up to four different chats, each of which can be restricted to specific patron tiers. For example, a cooking vlogger might have separate chats for recipe exchange, food pictures, and video discussions. This approach ensures that fans, particularly those who are new to Discord, do not feel overwhelmed by an excessive number of channels.

Creators will have complete control over the chats, rather than Patreon dictating the terms. This feature enables creators to have a more direct say in the fan experience while maintaining a sense of community within the platform.

Fans Can Personalize Their Profiles

In addition to creators, fans themselves will have the opportunity to customize their profiles within the Patreon chat feature. They can display their patronage duration for specific creators, highlight their involvement in other communities, and personalize their profiles with a photo, name, and bio. This added personalization contributes to a more engaging and community-oriented experience for fans.

Moderation and Future Developments

Initially, moderation within the chat feature will be the responsibility of the creators themselves. However, fans will have the capability to report inappropriate comments. Patreon plans to introduce the ability for creators to appoint moderators in the future, allowing for a more scalable moderation system.

Patreon continues to support its integration with Discord and aims to invest in and strengthen that partnership. However, by introducing a native chat feature, Patreon offers creators an alternative way to monetize their fan memberships and solidify its position as a dominant platform in the industry.

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