Grifin Launches New Model For Automatic Investing Based On Shopping Habits


Investing app Grifin has unveiled its latest investing model, “Adaptive Investing,” which allows users to automatically invest in their preferred brands that they frequently shop from. This innovative approach aims to make investing more accessible and less intimidating for individuals, aligning their shopping habits with stock choices.

Key Takeaway

Grifin’s Adaptive Investing model revolutionizes the investment landscape by integrating shopping habits with stock choices, making investing more approachable for individuals.

Revolutionizing Investing

Grifin, established in 2017, has raised over $11 million from prominent investors, including TTV Capital, Rise of the Rest, and GGV Capital. The company’s vision is to demystify investing, particularly for those with limited financial knowledge. With approximately 20,000 new app installs per month, Grifin is gaining traction in the investment app space.

Adaptive Investing Technology

The new patent-pending technology by Grifin offers enhanced flexibility, allowing users to pause automatic payments, adjust investment amounts, and manually invest more in a company. The “Secret Cash” feature enables discreet purchases and facilitates saving for the future.

Enhanced Functionality

By default, Grifin automatically invests $1 per transaction, providing users with the opportunity to invest in companies they frequently engage with. The app also allows users to disable investing in specific companies and pause investments for a week, offering greater control over their investment choices.

Diversified Investment Portfolio

Grifin’s Adaptive Investing model aims to reduce the impact of single-stock exposure by encouraging a diverse investment profile. This is achieved by aligning with consumers’ spending habits across a wide range of companies, thereby promoting a more balanced investment approach.

Future Plans

Grifin is set to introduce a redesigned app, featuring a premium version and an AI chatbot to assist users in learning the ropes of investing. These developments underscore the company’s commitment to empowering individuals to navigate the world of investing with confidence.

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