WordPress Introduces 100-Year Domain Registration Plan For Long-Term Digital Preservation


WordPress, a company with a 20-year history, has unveiled a new offering that allows users to register domains for a remarkable 100-year period. This innovative domain registration plan aims to enable individuals and families to preserve their digital history and provide businesses with a platform to document their long-term journey. However, this extended registration comes at a significant cost, with a one-time payment of $38,000.

Benefits and Features of the 100-Year Domain Registration

With the purchase of the 100-year domain registration, WordPress offers a range of benefits to ensure seamless and secure digital preservation. These benefits include:

  • Automatic backup to multiple servers and the Internet Archive
  • Advanced ownership and hosting tools
  • Round-the-clock support

By offering these features, WordPress aims to provide users with peace of mind and a reliable platform for the long-term storage of their online assets.

Considerations and Uncertainties

While the prospect of maintaining digital assets for a century may sound enticing, there are some considerations and uncertainties surrounding this new offering. WordPress acknowledges that it has not disclosed how it plans to keep domains and backups updated in the ever-evolving internet landscape. Additionally, the company has not provided information about the fate of these domains if the program is discontinued.

Furthermore, while established companies like IBM, AT&T, and Siemens have lasted for over a century, the rapidly changing nature of technology raises questions about the future of websites. The internet and modern computing are relatively young, and it remains to be seen how WordPress will adapt and evolve this project to align with the future digital landscape.

Key Takeaway

WordPress has introduced a 100-year domain registration plan, offering users the opportunity to secure their online presence for an extended period. While the cost for this registration is substantial, WordPress provides a range of benefits to ensure the long-term preservation of digital assets. However, uncertainties remain regarding the maintenance and future viability of these domains in an ever-changing online environment.

Despite the questions surrounding the 100-year domain registration plan, WordPress has been actively exploring new avenues and launching innovative products to adapt to the current tech landscape. In recent months, the company has made strategic moves, such as acquiring an ActivityPub plug-in in March to integrate blogs with the Fediverse. Additionally, WordPress has launched an AI writing assistant to aid users in their writing process and a paid newsletter product to rival platforms like Substack.

With these endeavors, WordPress continues to demonstrate its commitment to staying relevant and evolving alongside the dynamic digital world.

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