Social News-Sharing Platform Post Launches On Android With New Creator Tools


Post, a publisher-focused Twitter/X alternative, is expanding its reach by bringing its social news-sharing app to Android. The platform, backed by a16z, aims to provide a space for creators to share their newsletter content and monetize their publications through its micropayments system.

Key Takeaway

Post, a publisher-focused social news-sharing platform, has launched on Android with new tools for creators. The platform allows publishers to monetize their content through a micropayments system, while also providing a space for smaller publishers and individual newsletter writers to share their work. The expansion to Android and the introduction of new features further enhance the user experience and engagement on the platform.

Opening Opportunities for Publishers of All Sizes

Post has already partnered with over 100 major publishers, including The Boston Globe, CNN, Fortune, The New Yorker, and Reuters. However, the platform’s new creator tools are designed to make it more accessible to individual newsletter writers and smaller publishers. By going through a simple one-time setup process, creators can have their content ingested and distributed through Post’s platform automatically, similar to importing an RSS feed.

Currently, 115 creators, including notable names like Robert Reich, George Takei, and Dan Rather, are working with Post to be verified and take advantage of the new tools. This group collectively has over 200,000 newsletter subscribers and 400,000 followers on the platform. With the launch of the new tools, Post expects to attract many more creators to join its platform.

A Micropayments System for Monetization

Post operates on a micropayments system, allowing users to pay a small amount of money to read individual items in their feed. Users can purchase bundles of “points” to access content, with options ranging from 300 points for $4.20 to up to 10,000 points at a 9.5% discount, priced at $126.70. Publishers can choose how many points it costs to access their content, offering flexibility in monetization.

By generating revenue through a small percentage of these sales, Post provides a new monetization option for publishers. The platform’s average cost per mile (CPM) for a paid post is $25, offering competitive rates for publishers.

Expanding to Android and New Features

Post is expanding its presence by launching its app on Android, following previous releases on iOS and desktop. The Android app includes features such as native video uploads, push notifications, trending topics, expanded editing tools, sharing capabilities, and autosave. These features enhance the user experience and provide more avenues for creators to engage with their audience.

Over the past three months, Post has experienced a significant growth in active users, with a monthly average increase of 30%. Users spend over 30 minutes per day on the platform, indicating its growing popularity and engagement.

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