Seedstars Africa Ventures Secures $30M Investment From EIB Global To Support Early-Stage Startups In Africa


Seedstars Africa Ventures has secured a significant investment of $30 million from EIB Global, a division of the European Investment Bank. This funding marks a crucial milestone as the first major institutional investment for the Pan-African venture capital fund, demonstrating a strong show of confidence in the potential of early-stage startups across the continent.

Key Takeaway

Seedstars Africa Ventures has received a substantial $30 million investment from EIB Global, signaling a significant boost for early-stage startups in Africa.

Empowering Early-Stage Startups in Africa

The investment from EIB Global comes on the heels of an $8 million commitment from LBO France, the fund’s anchor investor. Seedstars Africa Ventures is aiming to secure a total investment of between $80 million and $100 million, with a focus on providing crucial support to seed and series A startups. The fund also plans to offer follow-on funding up to Series B, bridging a critical capital gap and providing ongoing support to startups beyond the initial accelerator programs.

Strategic Partnership and Market Access

Seedstars Africa Ventures has strategically partnered with Seedstars Group, an emerging markets accelerator, to leverage its infrastructure and market access across Africa. This collaboration aims to tap into the vast potential of the African startup ecosystem and provide hands-on support to portfolio companies through a targeted early-stage investment strategy.

Investment Strategy and Sector Focus

The VC firm plans to make initial investments ranging from $250,000 to $2 million, with follow-on funding of up to $5 million, in up to 30 startups. While the fund remains sector-agnostic, it is particularly interested in startups addressing fundamental needs such as education, healthcare, and utilities, as well as those driving innovation in technology and digitalization.

Focus on Francophone Africa

Seedstars Africa Ventures also aims to allocate up to 50% of its investments in Francophone Africa, recognizing the region’s vast market potential and the opportunities it presents for emerging VCs. With lower competition and a growing market, Francophone Africa offers an appealing landscape for strategic investments.

Supporting Job Creation and Economic Growth

EIB’s investment in Seedstars Africa Ventures underscores the crucial role that funds play in nurturing and strengthening Africa’s startup ecosystem. By backing early-stage startups, these funds contribute to job creation and economic growth, playing a pivotal role in the continent’s development.

With the new investment from EIB Global, Seedstars Africa Ventures is poised to accelerate its investments, providing vital support to a new wave of innovative startups across Africa.

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