New Feature In X’s Crowdsourced Fact-Checking System Allows Consideration Of Opposing Viewpoints


X, formerly known as Twitter, has introduced a significant update to its crowdsourced fact-checking feature, Community Notes. The change allows contributors to review all proposed notes related to a post, rather than just the one they are currently reviewing. This update aims to provide contributors with more comprehensive information and encourage them to consider opposing viewpoints before leaving their rating.

Key Takeaway

X has implemented a new feature in its crowdsourced fact-checking system, enabling contributors to review all proposed notes related to a post. This change promotes the consideration of opposing viewpoints, leading to a more balanced and informed fact-checking process.

Previously, when rating a note, contributors could only view the one note they were currently reviewing. However, with the latest update, contributors will be taken to a page displaying all note proposals when they tap “Rate it” on a note. This modification aims to provide contributors with as much helpful information as possible and enhance the overall fact-checking process.

While the update is being viewed positively by users, it remains to be seen how it will impact the selection of notes. Presenting alternative viewpoints could potentially lead to a change in contributors’ opinions or contribute to confusion when identifying the most helpful and accurate note. X acknowledged the potential benefits and challenges associated with this update, emphasizing the importance of exposing contributors to diverse perspectives.

In an example shared by X, two notes were presented, both of which could be considered helpful. One note corrected the misinformation in a tweet by pointing out that whales are mammals, while the other note suggested that no note was needed as the account in question was a parody account. While both notes were true, the latter could potentially lead contributors to remove important context from the tweet.

In cases where a parody account is spreading misinformation of a political nature, disregarding the note solely based on its parody status could be detrimental, as users may fail to verify the account’s bio, where its parody nature is disclosed. This highlights the complexity that can arise with the consideration of opposing viewpoints in fact-checking processes.

Community Notes, previously known as Birdwatch, was launched in 2021 before X’s acquisition by Elon Musk. The system utilizes an algorithm that seeks consensus among groups with differing perspectives, ensuring that crowdsourced fact-checks are presented to users based on collective agreement. Contributors must demonstrate their ability to provide helpful ratings before actively participating in the process.

Under Musk’s ownership, X continues to enhance and refine the Community Notes feature. Recent updates include the introduction of Community Notes for videos and measures to address low-quality contributions, with the goal of streamlining the fact-checking process.

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