New E-Commerce Platform EStreamly Revolutionizes Livestream Shopping


Livestream shopping is a booming trend in many parts of the world, and now eStreamly is set to bring this innovative shopping method to the United States. With its unique platform, eStreamly aims to blend physical and digital shopping, with the video taking center stage. The startup, founded by Nicolas Bailliache and Smitha Kommareddi, has already secured $450,000 in funding and is poised to become the go-to platform for businesses looking to leverage livestream shopping.

Key Takeaway

eStreamly is an innovative e-commerce platform that is bringing livestream shopping to the United States. With its white label solution and in-video checkout feature, eStreamly aims to revolutionize the way people shop online. By blending physical and digital experiences, the platform offers a unique and immersive shopping experience for consumers.

Combining Retail and Technology Expertise

At a blockchain hackathon in 2018, Bailliache and Kommareddi, with backgrounds in retail sales and software development, respectively, came together with a shared vision. They wanted to answer the question: How can we bring people to the forefront of e-commerce? After exploring various technologies, they settled on the concept of live shoppable video as the solution.

eStreamly offers a business-to-business video commerce software that enables livestreams and videos to be shoppable across multiple platforms, including websites, social media, SMS, and emails. While livestream shopping is still in its early stages in the United States, eStreamly’s clients have been thrilled with the platform’s capabilities.

Revolutionizing the Livestream Shopping Experience

eStreamly sets itself apart from other livestreaming platforms with its in-video checkout feature. The video itself becomes a seamless e-commerce extension, allowing viewers to make purchases directly from the livestream. This functionality is made possible through API integrations with merchant payment systems, inventory management, product databases, and user management.

Bailliache and Kommareddi also coined the term “phygital” to describe their unique approach to blending physical and digital experiences. For example, imagine being in a mall and seeing a display screen showing a video. At the end of the video, a QR code is displayed, which customers can scan to seamlessly transition to a digital shopping experience. This innovative approach aims to bridge the gap between offline and online shopping, providing a truly integrated and immersive experience for consumers.

Embracing the Future of Commerce

In an ever-changing and fast-moving industry, embracing digital commerce is essential for retailers looking to stay ahead. Livestream shopping offers a new and exciting way for businesses to engage with customers, and eStreamly is at the forefront of this revolution. With its white label solution and in-video checkout functionality, eStreamly is set to transform the way people shop online. As the adoption of livestream shopping continues to grow, eStreamly is poised to become a key player in this evolving industry.

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