SuperOrdinary Secures $58 Million In Series B Funding At $800 Million Valuation


Los Angeles-based consumer brand accelerator SuperOrdinary has recently announced a successful Series B funding round, raising $58 million and achieving a valuation of $800 million. The funding round was led by investors including Manzanita, Alliance Consumer Growth, Demira GateUpper90, and SuperOrdinary CEO Julian Reis. With this new injection of capital, SuperOrdinary aims to further expand its operations and capabilities in the United States while also venturing into livestreaming and creator-led e-commerce.

Key Takeaway

SuperOrdinary, a consumer brand accelerator, has raised $58 million in Series B funding at an $800 million valuation. The company, which helps American and European brands expand internationally and navigate the Chinese market, plans to focus on livestreaming and creator-led e-commerce with the new funds. SuperOrdinary’s success is attributed to its ability to localize marketing strategies and capitalize on the rise of livestreaming and social commerce.

SuperOrdinary: A Driving Force Behind International Brand Expansion

SuperOrdinary was founded in Shanghai six years ago with the goal of introducing international brands to the Chinese market. Since then, the company’s offerings have expanded to help American and European consumer brands scale their presence on marketplaces such as Amazon, explore social commerce opportunities, and navigate the complexities of the Chinese market. SuperOrdinary also provides brand protection services and facilitates creator monetization through social commerce.

The company has achieved significant growth, with a 30% increase in annual revenue over the past year. Its engineering team has tripled in size, and its creator economy business has grown 15 times since the acquisition of Fanfix, a subscription content monetization platform. SuperOrdinary now boasts 500 employees globally.

Unlocking the Potential of Livestreaming and Social Commerce

The rise of livestreaming and social commerce has played a crucial role in SuperOrdinary’s success. CEO Julian Reis explains that livestreaming has become a powerful channel for brands, surpassing initial skepticism. SuperOrdinary has capitalized on this trend by becoming one of the biggest livestream operators in the market. The company runs its own digital talent management agency for influencers and operates GalaGala, an e-commerce platform with products promoted by creators.

SuperOrdinary’s Expansion Plans

With the latest funding, SuperOrdinary intends to enhance its capabilities in the United States, specifically focusing on livestreaming and creator-led e-commerce. The company is open to collaborating with various consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands in the U.S., spanning sectors such as beauty, skincare, home, pet, and electronics. SuperOrdinary works closely with its brand partners, assisting with inventory management, demand planning, advertising, and brand protection services.

Localizing Strategies for Global Success

SuperOrdinary places great emphasis on tailoring go-to-market strategies for each brand, taking into account the unique requirements of different markets. For example, the company helped Biossance, a skincare brand, enter the Chinese market by highlighting the environmentally-friendly qualities of its products. SuperOrdinary’s team of 300 professionals in China assists brands in selling through various channels, including social commerce platforms, retailers, and marketplaces like Tmall and Taobao. The company also leverages key opinion leaders, or influencers, to drive brand awareness and engagement in China.

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