Sony Collaborates With Emerge To Offer Tactile Ultrasound Device Through Bravia Camera Bundle


Sony, a global leader in electronics and entertainment, has recently teamed up with Emerge, a hardware startup, in a partnership that will bring Emerge’s innovative ultrasonic tactile device into the spotlight. As part of the deal, Sony will feature Emerge’s device in its smart TV app, allowing users to experience tactile feedback through concentrated sound. In addition, Sony will launch a Bravia Cam bundle next year, which will include Emerge Wave-1, further expanding their offering in the smart TV space.

Key Takeaway

Sony has partnered with Emerge to offer their ultrasonic tactile device through Bravia cameras, creating an immersive and interactive experience for users.

The Unique Technology Behind Emerge’s Tactile Ultrasound Device

Emerge’s Wave-1 is a tabletop device that makes use of ultrasound technology to create a three-dimensional space where users can physically feel soundwaves. By employing beam-forming, the device concentrates sound at a specific point in 3D space, providing users with a tactile experience. With 400 small elements integrated under the device’s plate, Emerge’s technology allows users to interact with virtual content, bridging the gap between the physical and virtual world.

Emerge’s Kickstarter Success and Market Potential

The Wave-1 device initially gained attention through a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $220,000. Marketed as a way to “Feel VR with your hands,” the device offers users the ability to touch and interact with virtual reality (VR) content using their bare hands. While the device is compatible with VR headsets like Meta Quest 2, its potential extends beyond the realm of VR. Emerge’s website showcases videos of families using the device to hold hands remotely, offering an intimate and immersive communication experience.

Sony’s Interest in Teleconferencing and Social Communication

Sony’s strategic collaboration with Emerge aligns with their objective to provide innovative solutions for teleconferencing and social communication. With the Bravia cam, Sony aims to offer a webcam specifically designed for smart TVs, enabling users to connect with loved ones remotely and conduct work calls on a larger screen. As a trusted brand in the electronics industry, Sony is actively exploring opportunities to enhance social interaction and wellness through its product offerings.

Nick Colsey, Sony VP, expressed his excitement about creating category-defining products and leveraging the company’s brand to provide solutions for interactive media and social communication. Sony’s long-standing expertise in teleconferencing solutions, combined with Emerge’s cutting-edge ultrasound technology, is set to transform the way people connect and engage with one another.

The Future of Tactile Ultrasound Technology

As Emerge’s Wave-1 enters the market through Sony’s partnership, the possibilities for this device and similar technologies are vast. The ability to physically feel and interact with virtual content opens up new avenues in gaming, entertainment, and communication. With the continuous advancements in ultrasound technology, tactile experiences may become an integral part of our everyday lives.

While the efficacy of Emerge’s device is yet to be experienced firsthand, the anticipation for its impact on the market is high. As the partnership between Sony and Emerge evolves, users can look forward to a future where their visual and auditory experiences are further enhanced by the power of touch.

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