Plantiga Technologies: Revolutionizing Injury Prevention With AI-Powered Footwear Sensor Pod


Vancouver-based movement analytics company, Plantiga Technologies, is making waves in the industry with its groundbreaking AI-powered monitoring sensor pod designed to reduce injury risks and enhance rehabilitation. The sensor pod can be embedded into shoes, orthotics, or insoles, providing a comprehensive analysis of users’ movement patterns.

Key Takeaway

Plantiga Technologies aims to revolutionize injury prevention and rehabilitation through its AI-powered footwear sensor pod, offering real-time movement analysis and insights.

Introducing the Arc5: Taking Movement Analytics to the Next Level

Plantiga recently launched the fifth-generation of its sensor pod, called Arc5, in June 2023. Despite its minimal exposure and funding, with only around $5.2 million raised to date, Plantiga’s innovative technology shows immense promise.

Co-founded by Quin Sandler and his late father, Norman McKay, in 2017, Plantiga aims to revolutionize the way people monitor their health, movement, and wellness. Norman, the movement coach powered by AI, is named after Quin’s father, who had extensive experience in gait labs and understood the potential of embedding a gait lab in a shoe.

The Arc5 sensor pod can collect movement data for up to 12 hours, enabling health experts to gain valuable insights into an individual’s movement patterns. By predicting rehab outcomes, injury and fall risks, disease progression, and performance optimization, Plantiga’s technology takes movement analysis to a whole new level.

Overcoming the Challenges of Biomechanics Measurement

One of the persistent challenges in movement analytics has been accurately measuring biomechanics in real-world settings. Plantiga’s IoT system, consisting of the monitoring sensor pod, solves this problem by seamlessly integrating into any type of footwear. This means that users can gather ecologically relevant movement data without the need for cameras, cables, or additional sensors.

With approximately 90 customers, including elite athletes across various sports leagues, physical therapists, coaches, and the Canadian Armed Forces, Plantiga has already made a significant impact. However, the company aims to expand its reach to the broader consumer market, fully capitalizing on the projected growth of the global sports tech and wearable tech markets.

Expanding Collaborations and Funding Opportunities

Plantiga is collaborating with major footwear brands on co-development, licensing, and distribution, elevating its presence in the industry. The company has secured investments from esteemed organizations like Radical Ventures, Vanedge Capital, and angel investors such as Haig Farris and Barney Pell.

With an upcoming round of funding on the horizon, Plantiga is focused on fueling its growth and expanding its team. With nine employees already onboard, the company foresees reaching profitability within the next six months, solidifying its position as a leader in the movement analytics and injury prevention space.

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