TikTok Tests New Feature To Expand TikTok Shop Links In Videos


TikTok is currently experimenting with a new feature that could potentially revolutionize the way users interact with the app. The feature aims to make all posts on the platform shoppable, signaling the company’s ambitions to transform TikTok Shop into a multi-billion dollar e-commerce powerhouse in the United States. While the feature is still in limited testing, it has the potential to significantly impact the way users engage with content on the app.

Key Takeaway

TikTok is testing a new feature to make all posts shoppable, signaling the platform’s ambitions to expand its e-commerce capabilities and compete with established players in the industry. The potential impact of this feature on TikTok’s user engagement and e-commerce growth remains to be seen.

TikTok Shop Expansion

The new test feature is designed to automatically identify items in videos and direct viewers to “find similar items on TikTok Shop.” This marks a departure from the previous system, where only approved influencers and brands had the ability to tag products. By bringing e-commerce links into more videos on the app, TikTok is aiming to enhance the shopping experience for its users and capitalize on the platform’s immense reach.

TikTok’s E-Commerce Ambitions

Bloomberg recently reported that TikTok is looking to expand its TikTok Shop U.S. business significantly, with the goal of reaching up to $17.5 billion in 2023. This ambitious target places TikTok in direct competition with established e-commerce giants like Amazon, as well as emerging players such as Temu and Shein. However, TikTok’s unique advantage lies in its massive user base, which provides unparalleled potential for reaching millions of potential buyers.

Impact on TikTok’s Growth

Despite TikTok’s rapid growth in previous years, recent data suggests that the platform’s expansion may be slowing down. Some have raised concerns that the introduction of TikTok Shop and its e-commerce initiatives could be contributing to this slowdown. The app’s monthly active user growth, which averaged 12% year-over-year per quarter in 2022, has decreased to 3% year-over-year per quarter in 2023 following the launch of TikTok Shop in the U.S.

Community Response

The introduction of TikTok Shop has sparked debates among users, with some expressing concerns that the platform is becoming saturated with advertisements. There are discussions online about whether TikTok Shop has negatively impacted the app’s original appeal, with some users lamenting that it has transformed the platform into an “ad-filled wasteland.”

Future E-Commerce Initiatives

In addition to expanding TikTok Shop links in videos, TikTok is also exploring other avenues to bolster its e-commerce business. Reports indicate that the company is planning to establish studios in Los Angeles, where creators can livestream and sell products. This move aims to provide creators with enhanced resources for creating and broadcasting content, further solidifying TikTok’s position in the e-commerce landscape.

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